A Purview of sheer control over the animal kingdom of the world, the Purview of Animal lets a god control the animals around him.

Summon AnimalRedigera

(Animal )
Dicepool: Appearance + Command
Action: Misc
Cost: 1 Legend
By sheer force of will, the Scion can summon the beasts around him! When activating this Boon, he he summons animals that live wildly in the area. Animals that can't reach the Scion within the Scion's Legend hours are unaffected by this calling. A number of animals equal to the Scions successes times the number in the following table can be summoned. Note that the Scion might not have a way to control said animals once he summons them... Also, if there are fewer animals in the area than the Scion can summon, those successes are unspent and void. Summoning a creature with legend will move the animal up two steps for each rank (Hero, Demigod, God) and you may only regularly summon a being of your own rank, barring the Storytellers discretion (Thus summoning a Godly Ant would be treated as a normal size creature).

Size   Number  Example
Speck  50      Ant, spiders
Tiny   25      Grasshopper, Tarantulas
Small  5       Raven
Modest 1       Wolf
Normal 1/4     Lion
Large  1/8     Horse
Huge   1/10    Elephant
Giant  1/20    Whale
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