The forces of chaos remains a strong on the in the mythical realm of Scion. Few can stand against a Scion who controls the forces of chaos and even fewer are actually lucky enough to land a blow on such a master.

Seeds of ChaosRedigera

(Chaos )
Dicepool: Manipulation + Command
Action: Misc
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
This boon confers the supernatural ability to infuse enemies with strife and chaos among themselves. If the scion is aware of something that his enemies disagree on he can focus his power on this disagreement and fuel its fire until it turns into a blazing inferno. A slight disagreement might make the two subjects unwilling to help the other ("Red looks best on me!") while a more serious dispute might turn into open warfare between the two. This attitude change lasts for an entire scene and while the two subjects will recall having been angry at each other, they can't exactly say why.


(Chaos )
Dicepool: Charisma + Presence
Action: Misc (Ongoing)
Cost: 1 Legend per target
While most people are willing to participate in festivites, nothing is more true than for a Scion with this Boon. When activating this Boon, the Scion creates a rivoting sensation that flows through those targeted by this boon. Those affected must make a resistance roll of Charisma + Integrity and beat the activation roll of Bacchanalia or be filled with the need to celebrate. Enemy or friend matters not. Those affected by the boon becomes mad with frenzy for party and begins to drink, sing or dance in madness. For as long as the Scion keeps this up (equals to a number of hours equal to the activation roll), each participant (including the Scion herself) takes one level of Unsoakable lethal damage per hour (plus one hour per dot of Epic Stamina). Once the Scion stops, so does everone else and it's fully possible to die from this Boon as the participants turns on eachother in a mad frenzy of the party.

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