The Purview of Darkness is ruled by Erebus and his fellow avatar of darkness.

Clouded MindRedigera

(Darkness ●●●●●)
Dice Pool:Appearance + Command
Action: Misc
Cost: 2 Legend for each target
By clouding someone's mind with darkness and depression, it becomes more difficult for them to think. Even the most stalwart master of thought has difficulties fending off this. Each target affected by this boon (up to a maximum of Successes rolled on the activation roll) has the speed of all their actions increased by +1 and they recieve a penalty to any rolls including Wits and Intelligence equal to the Scions legend. Targets of equal legend get to resist this effect with a Perception + Integrity roll, to see through the strands of darkness put upon their minds. Targets of greater legend can also resist, but may completly shrug off the effect by spending a willpower point on their action.

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