Death is ruled by the titan avatar of [[Pluto (Scion)|Pluto] who's so similiar to Hadesthat a lot of people conflate the two.


(Death )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Command
Action: Misc
Cost: 1 Legend or free
Death itself can be both painful and difficult, but not so for a Scion with this boon. When the Scion sees someone who is on his last health level, the Scion can ease that person into a death that is both worthy and painless. The soul of the target is simply allowed to leave its body without bringing any ailments with it from its living days. The spirit is made whole and is allowed to proceed into the afterlife as any other dead being.

What more is that this can actually break effects that keeps the target alive against its will or dispell effects that might occur after the target is dead (such as a curse that forces the soul to wander the world). To do so, the Scions activation roll must beat the roll of the one putting any such effect into place. If successful, the soul passes on without difficulty or ill effects.

Against unwilling targets, the Scion can still imprint a safe passage so that their souls are allowed free passage once they die. This works as for willing targets, except that the unwilling target doesnt die. It's just freed from any things that might hold their soul in place once they actually die.

The Dead's SanctuaryRedigera

(Death )
Dicepool: Charisma + Command
Action: See text
Cost: 1 Legend
The Dead can sometimes be disturbed by those with power over them, but with this Boon, no such thing can happen. By performing a full funeral rite over the body, the Scion prevents anyone of lesser legend from performing a death boon upon the corpse or the spirit. If a being with equal legend wishes to use a death boon, he must beat the Scion's activation roll with a Charisma + Command roll. If the Scion tries to affect the being himself, he must beat his own roll.

Bleak CensusRedigera

(Death )
Dice pool: Perception + Occult
Action: Misc
Cost: 1L
The veil of death is an impenetrable wall of mystery, a barrier that no one may peek behind-- except for a Scion with this Boon. By naming or specifically describing any person and spending a point of Legend, the Scion instantly learns whether or not that person is among the dead. If the Scion has access to the person's body (or a piece thereof), a drop of blood, a cherished possession, or some other similar link to a person's psyche, she can activate this Boon with no Legend cost.

If this Boon reveals that the individual in question is dead, the Scion makes an activation roll, adding her Death Boons as automatic successes. If the deceased is Legendary, it is entitled to a resistance roll. Provided that the deceased doesn't overcome the Scion's roll with resistance, the Scion immediately learns one piece of additional information about the deceased, plus an extra piece of information for every five threshold successes. The Scion chooses which facts to learn (and in which order) by asking questions of the ST. Common facts revealed by this Boon include the location of the deceased's physical remains, how long he has been dead, whether the deceased's soul is in the Underworld (and if so, for an extra question, in which Underworld realm), whether the deceased is haunting some location in the World, whether he has become a Titan-infused spectre, and so forth.

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