Some Scions possess the ability to alter and control the semi-real reality of the dreamworld that exists between the overworld and the world. Since the release of the titan avatars the dreamworld has been turned into a battleground between gods and titanspawn much like the world itself, but here the gods still reign supreme thanks to their knowledge of mankind.

Dream ReadingRedigera

(Dream )
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 0 or 1 Legend
You can see vague images of peoples dreams and thus interpret them. Whenever you look upon a sleeping person you get a vague feeling of what he/she is dreaming about ("a cute guy", "being at work" etc.) and by spending a legend point, you get a full description of the dream and can see it as if it were a movie.


(Dream )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 2 Legend
The target of this Boon is either forced into slumber, or the sleep they have feel unbelievable refreshing and renewing. When the legend cost is paid, the scion touches a sleeping person and that person immediately gets a number of hours of sleep equal to the successes gathered on a Charisma + Command roll. These successes can be spread out over several targets.

The second use of this boon, Exhaust, saps the energy of a target and make them fall asleep. If the user of this boon manages to gather more successes on a Charisma + Command roll than the target on a Stamina + Fortitude roll, the target is treated as having been awake for an extra number of hours equal to the successes gathered.

Blessed Dream/NightmareRedigera

(Dream )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 or 2 willpower

The first use of this boon grants the target dreams that fulfill his or her virtues as well as grants her every desire the user of this boon can possible imagine inside the targets dreams. This has the twofold effect of, for the remainder of the next day, increases one of the targets virtue's by one (the user of this boon picks which one, or the highest one if the user has no idea of which virtues the target has) and that the targets willpower is restored by a number of points equal to the virtue heightened.

The Second use of this boon is much more terrible, as the target is wracked by nightmares and imaginary horrors of the users choosing. If the user pays only the legend cost, the target has one of its virtues reduced by one as well as losing an amount of willpower equal to the original value of the virtue lowered. If the user of this boon also spends a willpower, the target wakes up from his nightmares, believing them to be real and is thus inflicted by a virtue extremity as per the virtue the user reduced (or the highest one if the user has no idea which virtues the target has).

If the user chooses to spend another point of willpower, the nightmares will haunt the target for the remainder of the day (unless the target is a mortal who is under this penalty one day for every success scored on the activation roll), imposing a -2 penalty to all dice pools the target uses.

Shape dreamsRedigera

(Dream )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Art
Legend Cost: 1 Legend per image, word or sound
At this point of control, a demigod can begin to shape the dreams of those around him and either send messages, make the dreams good or the dreams bad. This ability becomes especially useful if the god can touch his target as it becomes easier for him to manipulate its dream, but it can also be used at a distance (which increases the Legend cost by 4 if he can see the target or 8 if he only knows the general location of his sleeping target).

When using this ability, the demigod can insert an image into the mind of his target (an image is in this case a single object, i.e. two people fighting in a burning building is 3 images, two people and a burning building). If he so choses, he can insert a single sound (the tooting of a car's horn, a lions roar) instead of an object, or he can insert a word such as well. When using this ability, the god states what images, words and sounds he wants to input into the targets mind and he then rolls his dicepool. The amount of successes determines how many of these he inserts into his victims dream. If he scores to few successes, he gets the images and words in the order he stated, leading to a perhaps confusing and strange dream.

The demigod can also choose to generally alter the dreams of those around him, at which time it functions exactly like the previous boon Blessed Dream/Nightmare, but it always affect an amount of people equal to the successes scored on the dice pool as well as there's no need to touch his targets and it costs 3 Legend points to use. He can double the amount of victims affected by paying another 3 Legend points and then double it again by another 4 and so fourth (theoretically, a god with Epic Manipulation 10, for 46 successes and a dice pool of 15 for 7 successes could affect 54.000 people by spending 30 legend points).

Waking DreamRedigera

(Dream )
Dice pool: Manipulation + Command
Cost: 5 Legend
A demigod with this ability can control dreams to the point of actually removing a creature's ability to different between the dream and the waking. By spending the cost and beating the target at a roll of Manipulation + Command (the victim rolls Intelligence+Integrity), the demigod can effectively make the target believe the dream image that the demigod puts into his head. This results that any threshold successes on the activation roll above the targets resistance roll can be applied as penalties to one of his attribute dice pools or DV (the threshold successes can be divided as the user sees fit, with 1 point of DV being equal to 2 threshold successes, which means that 4 successes could either be -4 to all dice pools involving manipulation or -2 to DV).

While each use of this Boon affects one target, the user of this boon can only affect a total number of targets equal to his legend at the same time.

If he possess the previous boon Shape Dreams, he can use it in conjuncture with this boon to both send a messages and give himself a bonus towards the target.

This boon lasts for the entire scene, but a victim of this boon can spend a willpower once every action and roll Intelligence+Integrity against the initial roll of the user of this purview. if he scores more successes than the user, the effect ends. if he scores less (even less than he originally scored) there's no additional effect.

***** * Redigera

Living DreamsRedigera

(Dream )
Activation Roll: Charisma + Command
Cost: 5 Legend for each mortal, +1 willpower for each living dream he wants to be able to command
The sheer touch of a demigod with this power is enough to shed any willing mortal of its flesh and make it a living dream! When touching the target, the god utterly consumes the mortals flesh in a sparkle of light as the mortals soul and being turns into a living dream if he pays the legend cost. A living dream has two forms, depending on if the demigod spends the willpower necessary to keep such a being under its control or not.

If the demigod doesn't spend the willpower, he either picks 'Nightmare' or 'blessed dream'. Such a living dream will roam free and infect a single mortal every night with the boon of the same name (without any cost to the demigod), but it roams completely free from the demigod, possibly descending unto mortals the god would rather see left alone.

If he pays the willpower cost, the living dream will follow the commands of the god (literally) and it can alter between Nightmare or Blessed dream, showing the target it descends upon what its innermost fears or hopes were. They can follow the god around as wisps of thin air, or they can be sent away on specific tasks which can be as complicated as that a normal trained dog could obey ("go there", "affect that mortal", "affect mortals with red shirts").

If the demigod possesses any other dream boons, he can use them upon the living dream and for as long as the dream stays in the world, the change is permanent in itself. The demigod could thus use Shape Dreams to put a message into the living dream that it would give to anyone that it descends upon (for no cost of the god).

Much like real dreams, Living Dreams are fickle and intangible things... They fade away completely (although a wisp of them will always remain in the dream world) after a number of days equal to the successes scored on the activation roll. These wisps aren't ghosts, but they are affected by either the Death purview or Dream purview as they were and can thus be summoned or caught. A god who has Death 9 could essentially (up to a year after per activation check scored on the Living dream activation roll + the legend of the Death user) reconstruct the soul of such a victim and thus once more make it a real person. When that time pass, only an avatar of a purview is able to restore such a wisp.

Dream BodyRedigera

(Dream )
Cost: 10 Legend + 1 willpower
A god can shed its physical form and become wholly immaterial, but the gods of the dream can do it one step further. A god with this ability, who pays the legend cost, fades completely from the world, Overworld or underworld and enters The Dreaming. When doing so, the god becomes one with the Dreamworld and ceases to be in the physical sense and wholly becomes the stuff of thoughts. He can travel freely between any dreams that mortal creatures have (or creatures of legend less than 5). Creatures with legend 5 and up to legend 8 must use a willpower point and gather more successes on a Charisma + Integrity roll than the god can muster on a Charisma + Presence roll to prevent him from entering their dreams. If they succeed, they are immune to the gods entrance that night, but must spend a new willpower and make another roll the next time the god tries to enter a different night.

If the user of this boon so wishes, he can bring others with him into the realm of dreams, but he must pay the cost for every person he wishes to bring with him. An unwilling creature must be in a grapple with the user of this purview and the user must be in control of the grapple.

When in The Dreamworld, the god is immune to all physical damage (unless its caused in the dreamworld) and can use any Dream boons or social Knacks he posses, but only on those in the dreamworld of its current dreamer or on the dreamer himself. The god can also leave the dreamworld at any time and exits through the opened eyes of the dreamer, where the god can take physical form if it so wishes.

Traveling through The Dreamworld takes less time than it would usually take in the World, thus every 8 hour of travel time is roughly equal to 1 hour in the World.

Dream WorldRedigera

(Dream )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 30 Legend
If the god chooses to pay 30 Legend, he enters a Dreamworld of his own making (or takes over the one he's currently inhabiting) and thus prevents that creature from ever waking until cast out of control from his creation (or stolen dream). The Dreamworld becomes his to alter as he wish and he can do anything there, which is real inside the dreamworld but can't affect the outside world. In such a state, he can capture a Titan (or even make it believe it was slain in a nightmarish fashion), or even elevate a mortal to godhood inside the dream.

Creatures of higher legend than the God can spend a willpower point to wrest back control over their dreams, but those of the same legend must also succeed on a Charisma + Presence roll vs. a Charisma + Presence roll made my the god. Those of lesser legend is helpless.

This Dreamworld persist even when the god leaves it and it's a permanent addition to the dreaming. The god can always enter his own dreamworld by the use of Dream Body anywhere in the world, despite the physical distance from it.

Dreams Come TrueRedigera

(Dream )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Command
Cost: 25 Legend + 5 Willpower or 10 Legend + 1 Willpower
The perhaps ultimate expression of the true power of dreams that a dream god can harness, is the ability to force the dream to become the subjects reality. When this boon is activated, whatever transpires in the mind of the dreamer actually affects the body/soul of the target. To activate this boon, the God rolls [Manipulation + Command] against the targets [Stamina + Integrity] and if successful, the god applies any threshold successes to all his attacks and makings in the dream versus the target.

Whenever the god attacks the dreamer in his dreams, he can actually inflict that attack on the sleeper, who has an effective Defense Value of 0 (treat as inactive with DV 0). The god applies the bonus successes of the activation roll to any attacks in his dream and any boons used on the target. While the target could potentially be turned into a mortal in its dream, the body is still in possession of any legend dots it had when it began to sleep and thus any attacks made in the dream must still bypass the targets soak, but the bonuses successes should make this much easier (as well as the fact that the target is at DV 0).

This boon is so exhausting of the dream gods power, as it forces the dream into the real world, that it can only be performed once every scene and once every story against a single target. A target with Ultimate Stamina could still go back to life afterward, unless the user of this Boon also goes into the Dream avatar and thus cancels that effect, rendering the Ultimate Stamina useless and the god permanently dead.

The user of this boon can also pull anything out of a person's dream and make it real in the world by spending 10 Legend and 1 willpower. Any ordinary objects can be pulled out if they exist in a dream nearby (such as a bicycle or a car) but anything alive (such as an animal) costs the user the base cost + 3 legend points per dot of legend

Avatar: The Dreaming/The SandmanRedigera

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