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The swedish equivalent of the American Super Soldiers (Superhero). They were created during the first and second world war to protect the country from foreign threats. They are among the most formidable soldiers in the world.


During the growth of Nationalism during the 19th century, Folke Davidsson researched old legends and discovered a possible location of a tree grown from one of iduns golden apples. Bringing togheter a research team, he set out on a voyage to the depts of the scandinavian mountains. There he discovered the tree growing in a secluded valley. The team discovered that rating the Apples gave a person superhuman abilities. A russian spy delegation followed him and after a fight, the tree was destroyed in a great fire. Folke and his three sur icing companions made sure that only they knew the locations before setting out. Unbeknownst to anyone, Folke planted one last apple before they sealed the valley of via explosives.

Decades later, during the buildup to the first world war, Folke's son learned the truth on his fathers death bed and he visited the lost valley. There he found the new tree and he

he made sure that the Swedish government knew abouit. tree. They began to research the properties of the tree and slowly began to refine the apples growing from the tree into a serum that temporarily gifted anyone taking it with superhuman powers.

At first, the soldiers had the abilities for only a day, but soon enough the serum was imporved. At the start of the second world war, the soldiers had the abilities for roughly a month. A few unique individuals however, were seemingly permanently enhance and became a part of the swedish superhuman forces, or Övermänskliga truppstyrka (ÖST). They quickly became a part of Svärd.