Fate is a powerful force in the Scion universe. Whenever a Scion uses his powers, fate will conspire to make it so that these powers work towards furthering the Scions own personal legend. As long as a Scion acts in accordance to his fate, the Scion might receive bonuses and while acting against his own fate, he takes penalties upon his actions that alter his chance for success.

Creating New Brandings

The Roll of Fate

Whenever a god in the Mortal World uses legend during a scene and his actions has a lasting consequence for humans, make a roll at the end of the scene. This roll is based on the Scions legend dots and is modified by the circumstances below. Several people might opt to take a branding togheter as a group, thus tightening their relationship. Powerful users of Magic and Prophecy can change Brandings and Force them to activate as well.

Circumstance                            Dice
Base Roll                               Legend Dots
The god has assumed a mantle            -2
For each power during the scene         +1
For each god present                    +1
The god used a PSP durin the scene      +1
A "Fated" was present during            +2
Same brand as previous scene            +2
Scion opts to increase potence by +1    -2
The Storyteller activates the branding  -3
The Player activates the branding       +3
More than one Scion takes the branding  -2
A user of Magic is forcing the Branding -3
Potence of the Branding                 +Potence

The Strength of the Branding

The strength of the branding is based upon the amount of successes rolled by the roll of fate. Compare the successes rolled against the following table to note strength of legend

Successes     Strength                   Tamper penalty
1-4           Scene Branding             -2
5-8           Chapter Branding           -4
9-12          Story Branding             -6
13-15         Permanent Branding         -8
16-20         Eternal Branding           -10
21+           Improve Potence by +3*
*treat this as an Eternal Branding if new     

The strength of the branding measures how long it will take for the branding to be removed from the god. Fate will conspire to bring the Scion's branding to the point of the story and make it an integral part of the character. A Scene branding will lie dormant until the next scene when something narrativly similiar appears. A scion who rescuses a young girl for example, might find his brand activate when trying to save a group of women from an unrelated event.

The Potence of the Branding

Power is a measure of how much effect the branding has on the Scion. Each point of potence grants or removes 1 success from he roll. Whenever the Scion performs an action that is in accordance to the branding, the branding can be activated to add a number of bonus successes to that roll. This activation may be done either by the Storyteller or the Scion. A branding will always apply its penalty against a Scion.

The default Potence of a new Branding is +1. If a previous branding is rolled for again, even a single success improves this potence by a +1. The potence of branding can never increase beyond +12. A Scion may opt to increase the potence of a branding when the roll of fate is made.

Improving Brandings

Brandings becomes stronger through fullfilling them and acting the same way again. When a branding grants the Scion its bonus or penalty during a scene, make another roll. The higher Strength of the branding becomes its new strength (this if a Scion had a Story Branding and rolled a Chapter Branding, the Story Branding would apply. Likewise, rolling a Permanent Branding would up the Branding).

Potence 12

At the highest potency, the Branding is as much a part of the Scions legend as the Scion himself. Fate will conspire to force the issue at all points. A Scion with a Potence 12 Giant Slayer Branding will find his enemies recruiting giants and sending them against him. Giants will also feature prominently as enemies and they will seek his undoing at every turn.

Removing Brandings

It's possible to remove Brandings by the use of powerful magics or even removing oneself from the Loom of Fate or even rewriting one's fate permanently. Any magic that tampers with a Fate Branding has its successes reduced by the Potence of the branding. This is also further penalized by the Strength of the branding. An eternal branding for example will reduce the successes of any tampering with 10. Thus a very powerful Branding will reduce the successes of any magic by 22.

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