Fertility is ruled by the titan avatar of Gaia and its Titan Realm is Terra.

Plant SpeechRedigera

(Fertility )
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
Much like those Scions with command over animals can speak to them, this boon allows a Scion to speak with the plants around him and learn what they know. When spending the legend point, the Scion becomes instantly aware of all plants surrounding him inside his Legend yards. They all speak to him at once first, then they dim off and he can choose which plants to listen to. He can speak with them although they are (much like Animal ) not required to answer. Plants are sightless (unless some really rare plants are present) and sense their surroundings. They are thus unaware of such things as color and scent, but they are very good at remembering things.

Impending GrowthRedigera

(Fertility )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Command
Cost: 3 Legend per point of DV penalty and/or 1 Willpower per Grapple, 1 legend point for speed penalty
When activating this power, the Scion commands the surrounding terrain to assault his opponents! The plants seek to hamper and distract those who are in opposition of the Scion (this can turn into quite a tangle if two sides activate this boon). By paying 3 legend points at activation, all foes take a -1 penalty to their DV as long as they are closer to the Scion than the Scions Legend yards. By paying 1 Willpower the Scion grants the growth a single grapple attack that uses the Scions Appearance + Command as dice pool. Once spent, the grapple attempt is gone (any number of willpower points may be spent) and if the target breaks free, a new attempt must be made.

By paying 1 legend, all opponents also take a speed penalty equal to the Scion's Appearance Epic Successes.

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