Long thought lost by the other pantheons around the Baltic sea, the Finnish pantheon never truly stood aside their peers in the way that the Aesir did. Long before the Aesir even came to be, the Finnish pantheon waged a war against the Vanir and many of their members are still not truly satisfied with how the war turned out. Lacking the potential power of the Aesir and the stability of the other pantheons, the finnish pantheon are still a force to be recognized when they need to be.

The FinnsRedigera


Tracking their history to the nomadic tribes that would later become the first people of Finland, the Finns came to be when their people finally settled down and began to grow crops and live in the same land as their ancestors. At first they were a fledgling pantheon without any coherency, but fate brought them together and under Ukko's leadership, they soon became the major pantheon of the region, tangling with other fertility based pantheons that began to spring up around the Baltic sea at the end of the ice age.

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Relationship with other pantheonRedigera

Other pantheons are often divided about the Finnish pantheon. The Aesirs have a dislike for the pantheon as they are very similiar in form and function, yet they respect them as peers (and even envy them as they do not risk Ragnarök). The Vanir of the Aesir pantheon still feel a kinship towards what they call "wayward brethren", but they lack the political power to support them should it come due.

The Tuatha De'annan have a good relation with the musical people of the north and they would gladly stand by their side, while the greek Dodekhanteon often mix them up with the Aesir (much to both pantheons irritation). The Egyptians however, have a strange and fatherly relationship to the younger pantheon from the fact that they believe the younger pantheon only need guidance, despite them having refused to listen or heed the egyptians advice earlier. The Amatsukami have difficult to understand the finnish way of life, but they see nothing wrong with the pantheon per se, while the Loa only laughs as they see another pantheon ready to join the festivities.

The Celestial Bureocracy on the other hand, view the Finns with a waiting gaze. They hope that the Finns will soon find themselves in an undefendable position and that they thus can swoop in and 'save' them, thus making them join them in the effort.

The one pantheon the Jumala can't stand however, is the Elohim. The Jumala was driven out from their homeland by the Elohim and can thus barely stand them at all.

The JumalaRedigera

Virtues: Expression, Loyalty, Harmony, Order
The name the Finnish pantheon uses to describe themselves are directly the word for "Gods" from the Finnish language. They stand united as a single pantheon despite coming from many different smaller tribes of gods before the dawn of civilization. In fact, many of the gods that reside in the Finnish pantheon are so old that they predate the concept of a unified pantheon, thus many of them would not originally have known their pantheon specific purview and more than one god of the current pantheon would've had to perform the rituals that allows a god to join another pantheon.


Aka: Old Woman, Maan-Emo, Maa-Emoinen, Raunt, Ravdna, Roonikka
The wife of Ukko and an attractive earth godess who every year refuels the earth so that it can grow new crops. Before she married Ukko, she was a mother godess who provided for her people who joined with the Finns as she married Ukko. Among the Sámi people she is still worshiped as the original mother goddess who gave birth to the earth in time immemorial.

Despite having taken a less active role since she married Ukko, her earth magic is still as powerful as ever and her skill has more than once been requested even outside their own pantheon. Particularly the Aesir and the Rus have often asked for her help when faced with a problem that their own magic couldn't do much about. Akka is old enough to remember the time before the newer gods came into being and thus she possesses many different sorts of magic that these younger gods have seldom heard about.

When visiting the world, Akka often takes the form of a beloved old grandmother, or the old woman who simply tends her crops on the farmstead just outside town. Despite all this, she is often apt and attentive.

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Earth, Fertility, Magic, Health, Lahja
Associated Abilities: Animal Ken, Awareness, Empathy, Medicine, Politics, Survival


Aka: Maker of Heaven, the Spirit of Air
The creator of Sampo and the Spirit of Air, Ilmarinen was a good friend of Väinämöinen who he helped to find a bride. It was also he who created man and an apparent offshoot race made from gold or silver. Despite all this, Ilmarinen wasn't the same kind of crafter or forger that Hephasteus would claim to be. Ilmarinen subdued both iron and steel with his hands so that men could use it and he was, for most purposes, benign to those who served him, or those who worshiped him. It was also Ilmarinen who, when Louih stole the sun and moon, crafted new versions of said heavenly bodies. Even though they didn't work as well as the first versions of both, they were still finely crated items.

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Fire, Industry, Lahja
Associated Abilities: Art, Athletics, Craft, Fortitude, Integrity, Science
Rivals: Loiuh, Hephaistos


Aka: Uka, Uko
The god of thunder, wind and the sky, Ukko is the chief god of the Finnish pantheon. It was Ukko who strongly opposed the joining with the ancient Vanar (which would later become the Vanir that the Aesir fought) and it was he who decided to withdraw his pantheon from the world despite now having joined the pact between the major pantheons after the birth of christ that forced the gods out of the world.

Ukko is a powerful deity who not only rides around in a chariot driven by lightning but who in turn created the world, but it was also he that took the position of storm god after the world was formed. Despite his power though, Ukko prefers not to be seen by either mortals nor his own pantheon and he leaves all of his hints and helpings in the form of natural phenomenon that even heroic Scions sometimes interprent as fully natural events. In fact, Ukko is often so aloof that he seldom even responds to pleads for help from either the mortal or the divine. In this, he's very much tied to fate so that even if he wishes to make an appearance, fate may make it so that he only can perform his duty throughout the world in a form that no one would ever recognize him in. He is married to Akka, whom with he mates and creates thunderstorms with.

These days, Ukko works very much behind he scenes to make sure that events unfold as planned. When coming to the world, Ukko takes the form of a worker that is the faceless cog in the machine, the ceo that is never seen ouside his office or a taxi driver whose rear mirror is broken to the point of no one being able to see his face.
Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Lahja, Sky, Sun
Associated Abilities:
Rivals: Oden, Osiris, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus


Aka: The Wizard
The hero of the Kalevala and the archtypical wizard, Väinämöinen is among the most powerful gods of his pantheon, despite being far younger than most of the other gods. Starting out as a heroic Scion before the turn of the 1st millenium, the wizard had many adventures before finally ascending to a demigod. It wasn't until Lars Lönnrot, another Scion of the pantheon, compiled the finnish folk tales into the Kalevala that he would actually ascend into a full fledged god, despite having been treated as one for many years.

Väinömöinen was originally conceived before the world was created and once the world had been made by Ilmatar, he left his mothers womb so that he could explore the world. When appearing in the world, he usually appears as a wise old man with considerable knowledge of any field that he needs, or he appears a storekeeper who pesters buyers with constant questions. Despite all this, he usually carries his sword (SWORD_NAME_HERE) with which he usually puts people in their place if needed be. Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Lahja, Magic
Associated Abilities: Art, Melee, Occult, Science



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