The purview of Health has the titan avatar of Soryija as chief.

Perfect LoverRedigera

(Health ●●●●)
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per Willpower point + 1 Willpower
Action: See Text
The very act of lovemaking can exhaust or renew anyone and with this boon, making love might either become a weapon or a shield for the partner of the Scion. When in bed with a lover, the Scion may activate this boon during the love making and either drain the subject of Willpower or return a number of spent willpower points equal to the legend point spent. The target of this boon is also renewed in spiritual ways, removing mental afflictions such as Lasting Impression.

However, all this has a prize... for a number of days equal to the legend dots of the Scion performing this boon, the target becomes obssessed with bedding the Scion again, going to extreme lengths to make the Scion willing once more. To resist this, the target must score more successes than the Scion on a Stamine + Integrity roll than the Scion scored on his activation roll.

Divine ConceptionRedigera

(Health ●●●●● ●)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend per month + 1 Willpower, or 1 Legend, see text
Action: Misc
By touching another being of female gender, the Scion might impart into her a sudden pregnancy that in a matter of seconds manifests itself. Over the course of a misc action, the full pregnancy exerts itself over the target and has all the usual effects on a woman at that stage of pregnancy. On a mortal target, there is only a 1 legend point cost and each success imparts 1 childe 1 month of pregnancy onto the touched mortal. If a Scion so wishes, he may spend additional successes on furthering the pregnancy by 1 month, or by another childe at 1 month. It's more than possible to have 1 child at 8 months pregnancy and 2 childs at 2 months pregnancy in the same woman.

Against a target with legend however, it's more difficult. Against a target of 1 or more ranks below the Scion, there is no resistance to the roll. However, a target at equal rank resists the conception with his Stamina + Fortitude. If the target gathers more successes than the Scion, there's no conception. Just a feeling of emptiness in the Scion who used this boon.

If any target, either legendary or not, has 10 or more months of pregnancy on a single childe, they will give birth in the next couple of days unless the Scion spends an additional amount of successes equal to the targets legend. If doing so, the target immediatly enters labor and gives birth before the end of the scene.

If this boon is used on a male, there is no pregnancy. Instead, the next female he sleeps with will suffer the effect of this boon! Said female however, gets the resistance as benefits her rank.

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