Huaca is the Pantheon Specific Purview of the Incan Pantheon. Much like their belief of power situated inside a place, the Huaca purview works from that belief, granting strength to the one who can speak with the spirits of the land. In this way, it's very similar to the pantheon specific purview of The Manitou, but while the Manitou focus on the land as a whole, the Huaca focus on a specific place... the top of a mountain, the creek of a stream or even a specific house in a city.

The Strength of HuacaRedigera

Huaca can be percieved as the 'holyness' of a place and how much power it has in the eyes of the Inca pantheon. While other pantheons doesn't truly understand what they are looking for, there's no denying that the power that the incas possess is great indeed.

Whenever a player comes across a place with Huaca, the storyteller assigns a potency to it, ranging from 1 to 12, this is essentially the collective legend of the spirits and holyness of that place. There are at least a single spirit of 1 legend lower than the potency in the area, roughly twice that many of a legend lower than that and so forth. The only exception to this rule is when a place has 1 or 0 potency. Such a place can't support any spirits at all but still has a distinct holy feeling.

There are very few places in the World that has a potency above 6. Most such places can be found in the underworld or in the overworld.

The BoonsRedigera

Gather HuacaRedigera

(Huaca )
Dicepool: Perception + Occult
Action: Misc
Cost: 1 Legend
As a fledgling Scion of the Incas, the first step to gaining power is to understand it. The AnuApu know that places and objects have power, and this boon allows the Scion to see and manipulate that power. A successful Perception + Occult roll tells the Scion if a place or object is supernaturally powered, revealing if there's any legend that can be gathered from that place as well as the potency of the Huaca there. If the Scion chose to do so, add the highest level of Huaca boon the Scion possess to the number of legend points so gathered.

Being the Land's VoiceRedigera

(Huaca )
Dicepool: Appearance + Presence
Action: 2 Misc Actions
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
When a Scion of the Incas comes across a place with Huaca, he can tap into the reserves of the power to fuel himself into greater heights of legendary deeds. Whenever the Scion pays the activation cost of this boon, he gets a number of temporary dots to distribute over his Attributes equal to the Huaca potency of the place around him. These attributes can exceed the normal limits for his legend, but can't exceed 10.

The major drawback of this Boon is that whenever the Scion takes damage, the land around him is damage as well! if the Scion is knocked unconscious, the place has been wrecked and torn apart(but might still be restored) but if killed, the Huaca of the place is dispersed and it loses all its potency. For each lethal or aggravated health level of damage the Scion takes while this Boon is active, the land loses one point of Huaca Potency permanently.

Fuel HuacaRedigera

(Huaca )
Dicepool: None
Action: Misc
Cost: Special see text
The Huaca of a place can sometimes be difficult to reach. This boon however reinforces and fuels the Huaca of a place. When the Scion uses this boon, he pays a number of legend points equal to the current potency of the Huaca and thus fills the land with enough power to increase it's Huaca potency by 1. This boost of potency lasts until the Scion leaves the scene.

It's possible to give a place a Huaca rating of 1 if the Scion pays 2 legend points. This Boon can be used multiple times in succession to further increase the Huaca.

Spread the HuacaRedigera

(Huaca )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Occult
Action: Misc
Cost: 5 Legend + 1 Willpower
As the Scion's mastery over Huaca grows, so does his ability to help the flow of the many energies of the world. When activating this Knack, the Scion essentially loans an amount of his own power to the world and the spirits that inhabit it, allowing them to to flourish and strengthen themselves upon the powers of the Scion. When loaning out his strength, his maximum number of legend points are reduced by 5 until he performs the next step of the ritual. The potency of the place he loans out his power to are increased by 1 permanently (it can never increase above 12). At least a number of days equal to the Scions legend must pass in between these two steps. This part of the boon can only be used in a place were there already is Huaca.

At any other point, when connected to a place where a Huaca resides (sp?), the Scion can then reap the rewards of having given his power to the world earlier, as long as the strength of that place is 3 or more. When doing so, the Scion rolls Appearance + Occult as a Misc action and summons up the Huaca around him, regaining his strength and even more so! The potency of the place is reduced by 1 and the Scion's maximum number of Legend Points are increased by 10 for a number of days equal to his legend and he is surrounded by a number of spirits equal to his legend. These spirits chants just loudly enough for humans to hear.

Spiritual SacrificeRedigera

(Huaca )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Action: Misc
Cost: 2 Legend
While the Atzlanti sacrifice men for their blood so the world can keep flowing, the Anpu takes it upon themselves to sacrifice so that the world can keep running in the same direction as it always have. If the Scion can find a willing spirit (perhaps one of the spirits summoned by Huaca •••) he can sacrifice it and take its power unto his own and regain strengthen his endurance against the storm of titan spawn that always seems to be looming just over the Horizon.

Sacrificing a spirit has the following benefits... The Scion regains a number of Willpower points equal to the spirits legend, the Scion gains an additional amount of bashing and lethal soak equal to his willpower after having regained them and finally, any being with less legend than the Scion perceives him differently as the spirit suffuses him. Beings who are friendly or neutral to the Scion perceive him as more benevolent, giving the Scion his Epic Charisma dots as a bonus on any social action taken towards them, while beings who fear or hate the Scion finds themselves unable to touch him. Such beings thus take a penalty to all their attack rolls equal to the Scions current willpower dots.

Focal PointRedigera

(Huaca )
Dice Pool: Perception + Craft
Action: Special, see text
Cost: 10 Legend + 1 Willpower
A focal point is nothing but a weave upon which the world's Huaca has been grafted and anchored too. Anyone being able to sense or see fate bindings can see that a Focal Point is much more than a mere object, but only a few can actually discern what the focal point does. When paying the cost for this boon and performing an hour long ritual, the Scion creates a pathway in the world's net of Huaca which allows other travel from one place to another. A being that has legend can simply spend a legend point and travel to any other focal point the Scion has crafted.

A Scion can have an active number of Focal Points equal to his Legend dots at any time. It takes roughly an hour to travel between two focal points and the scenery resembles a great Incan highway in the mountains. To identify a Focal Point, one must first sense the supernatural power in it and then score 10 or more successes on an Intelligence + Occult roll. A Focal Point can be of any size or shape.

Order the WorldRedigera

(Huaca )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
'Action: Misc
Cost: 5 Legend
A Scion with the mastery of Huaca of this level can not only gain strength from the spirits, but he can also command them to perform actions of them that would otherwise take decades or even centuries. He can alter the landscape around him and the world becomes his canvas to work with. He can erect buildings, carve out rivers, raise mountains or even force a forest to grow in mere moments. Each change to the landscape reduces the potency of the Huaca at that place by 1, which recovers at the rate of 1 per week. The difficulty of the roll is dictated by the nature of the change. Speeding up natures intent usually has a difficulty of 10, while something that goes against nature (such as forcing a forest to grow on the top of a snowy mountain) has a difficulty of 20 or more!

A place that is reduced to 0 potency this way has had its spirits completely exhausted by the Scions commands and they must rest for at least a year before they can once more begin to grow in strength.

Spirit SanctuaryRedigera

(Huaca )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Command
Action: Special, See text
Cost: 30 Legend + 1 Willpower
The ultimate expression of the power of the AnuApu are not only their command of the Huaca, but also their ability to become a Huaca which flows out and makes a place holy. To use this Boon, the Scion must be at a place which has no previous Huaca strength. The Scion then sheds a part of his power, sacrificing a piece of his own divinity to create a glowing orb of Huaca which then pulsates and joins with the landscape, which takes roughly one day in total (the Scion can do nothing else and is at a -5 DV penalty). The scion is thereafter forever connected to the landscape and essentially becomes one with it. This forms a spirit sanctuary which stretches out for a number of miles equal to the Scions legend as to encompass a forest, a mountain top or anything of the like. The landscape will slowly turn into something that the fits the Scion's personality. A Scion who is often angry and furious will see his landscape shape itself into a raging river (if possible) or a constant snowstorm will form over the mountain top he has made his.

As long as the Scion is on the same plane as the Huaca, he is always aware of who is inside the effect of this Boon. He can, perform any Huaca Boon there as if he were personally there and he can also try to exorcise those inside his land (to do so, he spends a point of legend and rolls Charisma + Presence vs. the targets Charisma + Integrity. if he scores more successes, the affected target must leave the land the fastest way it possibly can, taking the shortest most direct and least dangerous route it can). As long as he's personally on the land itself, he receives a number of bonus successes equal to his Legend for all Huaca Boons he uses while there.

A Scion can have at maximum three Spirit Sanctuaries at the same time, one for each of the Overworld, the Underworld and the World itself.

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