The purview of industry is under the sway of the titan avatar Surtr. Its realm is Muspelheim.

Tool MasteryRedigera

(Industry )
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower
Some professions become very familiar with their own tools, but those who craft and those who create art are their tools. When purchasing this boon, the Scion picks one of his Craft or Art abilities. Whenever a Scion with this boon pays the activation cost, he adds his legend to that dice pool as bonus successes.

Lifelike artRedigera

(Industry )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Command
Cost: 15 legend + 3 Willpower
By sheer skill and creativity, a god with this power can make art more alive than any mortal ever can. When the god creates an art object, he effectively sires an offspring in his piece of art. Not only does the art become sentient, but it also gains a legend score! The Scion gives the object a calling and a nature (which is the characters vision of what the object represents) and then the Storyteller distributes 5/4/3 dots on the art objects Attributes (the first one is free in all categories) as well as 10 points of abilities (none of which can be higher than the Scion's abilities). These bonuses are regardless of what material the art or crafted object is made off. The artwork starts out with 1 legend and lastly, the artwork gets a number of experience points equal to the activation roll of the Scion who it slowly learns over the next 2 weeks.

The artwork will start out as childlike but it will quickly grow into its role and it might even begin to hate its parent for its creation.

Imbue with IchorRedigera

(Industry )

Mastery of CreationRedigera

(Industry )
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft
Cost: Special, see text
The ultimate expression of any creation gods power is the ability to create anything within his imagination, but even more so, is the ability to create birghtrights and items with their own legend.-.

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