One of the first members of the Earth Archives, John Johnsson is and adventurer, archeologist and hero who has clashed with several foes during the decenium he has been active.

The name "Indiana"Redigera

John Johnsson are almost always refered to as "Indiana" by his friends. This, for his love of the Indiana Jones movies, as well as his attire that resembled the movie hero until he changed it two years ago.


John was born to Amy Heart and Charles Johnsson in England in 1982. He was enrolled into mostly private schools because of his parents wealth.

Early SchoolRedigera

Indiana seemed to be a natural talent at both history and athletics, so he was enrolled at the Oxford pre-school called Oakville Elementary school. There, he perfected his athletic skills and he became known for his ability to track down clues when he solved the "Osberg Case" which had been dormant for over a decade before his time.


When Indiana finaly entered Oxford, he knew it would change his life forever. He didn't realize it would be because of a distaster though. His parents was killed in a boat accident the same summer that he said goodbye to them. Local authorities didn't tell John until the second term at Oxford, so it was the letters he got from his "parents" that once again revived his detective abilities.

John managed to track down the person who had been sending him the mail he had thought to come from his parents. This turned out to be blackmailers, that not only had killed his parents, but also planned to take away his fortune. With the help from some teachers at hi school, he managed to put the blackmailers behind bars, but it did nothing to relieve him of the pain from his parents loss...

Dr. StormRedigera

It wasn't until he meet the charismatic (and somewhat mad) Dr. Storm that he got his spirit back and realized what he wanted to do with his life. Dr. Storm was a physicist and an archeologist who specialized in ancient knowledge and legends that could be based on reality.

They grew to be great friends, even though they wasn't anywere near the same age. When Dr. Storm was fired from Oxford because of "unconventionalism" and "idealism", Indiana took it to himself to track the proffessor down.

John was deeply surprised when he realized what Dr. Storm had run away from. He had constructed The Ark, a powerful flying machine capable of hovering and using almost no energy except that of the sun. Dr. Storm had refused to hand over the secret of the Ark to the other physicists at Oxford and thus they had lobbied for him to be fired.

Togheter, they managed to clear Dr. Storm's name and they also managed to get the Ark working and they still use it to travel the world.


While Indiana is among the most optimistic Earth Archives members, he's also the one capable of falling into a gloom when needed by others. The loss of his parents at an early age has given him deep unhealed scars, which not even Jac III has managed to cure.

When not in a gloom, he constantly crack jokes and tries to be the leader of any team he's put on. He goes exceptionally well togheter with Shadow, despite them being of two opposite idealogies.

Clothing, Equipment and StyleRedigera

Until two years ago, Indiana was mostly dressed the same way that Professor Jonnes from the "Indiana Jones" moves were. He even carried a whip (altough Johns whip was that of a magical snake capable of both speaking and obeying commands) and a hat.

When Indiana aquired the "Mithril Glove", he decided to change his style from the old classic into something new. He now wears mostly random clothing with a black Elastium suit below. He still keeps his hat, which he tries to match into the rest of the clothing when possible.

Aside from The Ark, Indiana also has a motorcycle which is completly black, designed for him by Dr. Storm.