Lahja, the Finnish Pantheon Specific Purview, means 'Gift' in Finnish and reflects the way of life and prosperity the Finnish people had. For those who are allied with the Finns, this purview enhances and boosts their power, yet for those who finds themselves on the opposing side, the purview hampers and hinders them from reaching their goals.


The Greatest GiftRedigera

(Lahja )
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend point per point of Legend of the target
Action: Misc
Those who brings gift often benefit from knowing beforehand what's apt to give and what should be avoided. For Scions of the Finnish pantheon, this power greatly helps when doing so. When activating this power, the Scion instantly recieves images of what would be the perfect gift for his target. Whatever the target wishes most in the world will be revealed to the Scion, but not how that thing would be gifted to the target in question. The Scion must be able to speak to the target for at least a minute before activating this power.

Resist the TemptationRedigera

(Lahja )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
Action: Reaction
While temptation can make it difficult to resist a given course of action, The finns know well what may happen if one gives in. Thus, a Scion possessing this Boon may help his comrades resist the actions of others. Whenever a target is about to be influenced by some outside force by means of temptation (Storytellers call), the Scion may reflexivly activate this knack. The target of this knack gets a number of bonus dice to his die roll equal to the Scions Legend rating.

Beneficial HandRedigera

(Lahja ●●●)
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Command
Cost: 3 Legend
Action: Misc
Few can guarante success like the Finnish pantheon. Once they lend a hand, everything seems easier and more purposefull. When the Scion activates this boon, he transfers some of his dots in an ability or attribute unto a target. These dots add upon the targets regular dots as bonus dice for the entire scene, or until the Scion is put out of comission somehow that prevents him from helping his ally. The drawback of this boon is that the Scion must constantly devote some of his attention to the helped target, forcing him to take a -4 penalty to all his other actions.

Take a LoanRedigera

(Lahja )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Politics
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower per dot
Action: Misc
When a Scion of the Finnish Pantheon gives away something, he does it with earnest. This power however, can make a loan even more potent than a gift. He may loan away a relic for a scene to another and while doing so, enhances its power with a single dot for each 4 successes he gains on the activation rolls. He must pay for each dot, but these dots may be distributed in any way that fits the item in question.

Steal the ThunderRedigera

(Lahja ●●●●● ●●●●●)
Dice Pool: Appearance + Stealth
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower per dot
Action: Misc
Much like Take a Loan, the Scion can make a gift, only this time its the other way around. The Scion steals a Relic he can get his hand on until the end of the scene. Not only that, but he enhances the Relic with a number of dots equal to his successes rolled divided by 4. The Scion suddenly has the Relic of another legendary being in the scene. Regardless of being close to that being or not. Once the Scene is over however, the Scion takes a karmic backlash if the Relic wasn't given away vouluntarily. The Scion takes a number of Unsoakable bashing damage equal to the number of dots the relic had at the end of the Scene. The Relic is also returned to its owner. The Scion can use the relic as if it were his own.

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