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These are the rules for awakened magic in the noWoD.
See Sympathy, for sympathy.


Each awakened has a Paradigm that defines how that awakened uses effects. Paradigms define how the awakened view the world and forms from that belief. When an effect conflicts with an awakeneds pardigm, that awakened can't perform the effect. This doesn't affect effects cast or created by items, such as a cell phones Space effect to allow you to talk to another person, unless that effect is vulgar in the local consesus, at which point the item would incur paradox as if it was an effect.


See the article for mana for a more indepth article.
Mana is the traditional name for the very essence that makes up reality and its underpinnings. Technocrats have many different names for it ("essence" or "fuel" being two of many names), depending on the resonance of the mana. Traditionalists and Oathbound Magi often use the same name regardless of resonance, but instead follows language traditions (Akashics calls it Qi, while old school verbena mages from scandinavia calls it 'urkraft').

Mana can either be free floating energy or imbued into patterns (or even a pattern in itself) at which point traditionalists calls it Tass. The resonance of the mana usually determines the size and shape of the tass.

Mana is the primary resource for which both awakened, fallen and Daemons fight over. Since mana is the primal energy that makes up reality, mana can both be created and destroyed, although many argue that you are actually dispersing or raising the potential of the mana rather than destroying or creating it.

Effect casting

Dice Pool


A mage may pour more power into a spell than ordinary and thus increase his chance of a successful spell. Doing this increases the chance of paradox significantly... A mage may overcast a spell a number of times equal to his gnosis. Each overcast adds +2 dice to the spellcasting pool, but also increases the amount of paradox taken by the spell by +1.

Time Steps

Depending on the time frame that a mage takes upon himself to perform an effect, he gains a bonus (or penalty) to his rolls.

Step	Bonus	Instant	Effect		Bonus	Ritual / Roll
0	-4	No Action		+0	1 hour
1	-2	Reaction		+2	3 hours
2	+0	1 round			+4	12 hours
3	+2	10 minute		+6	1 day
4	+4	30 minutes		+8	1 week

Area Casting

When casting a targeted spell against an area, roll the full dice pool with modifiers, without any defense modification. Anyone inside the area must roll their defense+3 and each success reduces teh damage taken by 1.

Defensive Casting

A spell can be cast at 1 lower casting speed by increasing the arcana by +1. A spell may be reduced by 2 factors of casting speed by increasing the needed arcana by +2.


For direct damage effects, there's a basic damage rating that applies to all effects cast by an awakened.

Direct Damage
Damage Type	Base
Bashing		Arcanum Dots
Lethal		Arcanum -2 Dots
Aggravated	Arcanum -5 Dots

If a mage chooses to use an effect to raise a weapons (or objects) damage rating, there's a Soft Limit of his Arcanum-1 dots (I.e. an awakened with 4 dots in an Arcanum can raise the damage rating by +3) to all such effects. This soft limit can be bypassed by paying a point of mana.

Damage Rating is also more costly in terms of potency, see the table below.

Damage Rating
Damage Type    Potency per Rating
Bashing		1
Lethal		1
Aggravated	2


When casting a defensive effect that adds either armor or defense, the mage has several options. Defensive spells can be layered, but the mage must choose a single spell whenever attacked that defends against the incoming attack. Thus combining defensive spells are a must if the mage wants to have few enchantments.

Note that a caster of an effect can theoretically have any amount of hard armor, defense or soft armor, but it costs the caster a point of mana to increase beyond the soft maximum for his dots.

Defense Table
Arcanum    Max     Max
Dots     Defense  Armor
1          --      0/1 
2          +2      1/2 
3          +3      1/3 
4          +4      2/4 
5          +5      2/5 


Immunity shielding spells work against a single concept, granting full immunity against the concept for as long as it measures up to its strength, see the table below. Potency from such a shielding spell can be split to affect several concepts.

The scale is fairly arbitrary, but concepts that would kill a person given time (such as severe cold, slowly being chocked to death in a landslide or lacking a good source of food) has a base difficulty of 1. Things that would kill in a few rounds has a base difficulty of 2. Concepts that would mean instant death has a base difficulty of 4.

The damage type dealt is also a factor. It's more difficult to resist the claws of an enraged werewolf than the claws of a regular cat. Being immune to the claws of an enraged werewolf would have a base difficulty of 6 (Base 2 plus 4 for aggravated damage)

Concept				Potency
...deals bashing damage		+1
...deals lethal damage		+2
...deals aggravated damage	+4
Deadly if exposed for long     	+1
Would kill in a few turns	+2
Would mean instant death       	+4


Avoidance effects adds directly to the casters defense, making hem harder to hit. Each point of defense generally requires 2 potency.


An Armor effect adds directly to either Hard Armor or Soft Armor. Hard armor takes 2 potency per point while Soft Armor takes 1 potency per point.


Death: Darkness, decay, ectoplasm, enervation, ghosts, soul stealing
Fate: Blessings, curses, destiny, fortune, oaths, probability
Forces: Electricity, gravity, heat, kinetic energy, light, physics, radiation, sound, weather
Life: Disease, evolution, healing, metamorphosis, transformation, vigor
Matter: Alchemy, elemental air, elemental earth, elemental water, shaping, transmutation
Mind: Communication, hallucinations, meditation, mental projection, mind control, telepathy
Prime: Avatars, hallows, illusions, ley Lines, magical imbuement, magical energy, Mana, resonance, tass
Space: Conjuration, direction, scrying, space, sympathy, teleportation, wards
Spirit: Exorcism, the shadow realm, Souls, soul retrival, spirits, the gauntlet
Time: Alternate timelines, Divination, prophecy, temporal acceleration/deceleration, temporal creation


● - Initiate

  • Knowing: Gain mystical Knowledge and understanding of a concept within the arcanum's purview.
  • Compeling: Elementary manipulation of concept within the arcanum's purview. Enough to activate them and/or impart directions.
  • Unveiling: Give sensory perception of concepts within the Arcanum's purview. Each success makes the mage experience the concept with a sense (Hearing, Smell, Sight, Touch, Mental, Taste, Direction, Magnitude, Detail, Change, 8One Arcana).
  • Eroding: cause touch bashing for 1 mana.

●● - Apprentice

  • Ruling: Elementary Command over concept of the arcanum's purview.
  • Veiling: Conceal, Camoflage or outright hide a concept within the area of the purview.
  • Shielding: Protect the pattern of a target from a concept within the given purview. Reinforce a subject to withstand something from the concept.
  • Scouring: Cause touch bashing damage through the purview of the arcanum. Cause sensory bashing or lethal touch for 1 mana.

●●● - Disciple

  • Weaving: Alter the capabilities or functions of a concept within the arcanum's purview.
  • Perfecting: Improve or strengthen a pattern or concept within the arcanum's purview. Improve the damage of an existing object/weapon
  • Fraying: Cause Bashing at sensory range without additional cost, cause lethal at touch

●●●● - Adept

  • Patterning: Transform concept's within the arcanum's purview into related concepts or shapes. Replace concept's capabilities or functions with different ones.
  • Flawing: Weaken or deterioate a pattern or concept within the arcanum's purview.
  • Unraveling: Cause lethal damage at sensory range.

●●●●● - Master

  • Making: Create existing phenomena within the arcanum's purview.
  • Unmaking: Unmake phenomena within the arcanum's purview. Cause aggravated damage at sensory for 1 mana.

●●●●● ● - Archmastery

  • Genesis: Create an entirely new phenomena within the arcanum's purview
  • Ousting: Cause aggravated damage at sensory range by removing the concept from the realms.

Synergy Arcana



  • (Target Exemption) Make Spell avoid specific individuals, objects or concepts. -2 per exempted target
  • (Conditional Duration) Increased Duration for the possibility of spell ending sooner because of a trigger.
  • (Trigger) Make a spell activate or target specific individuals, objects or concepts.


  • (Unfettered) Mage can make reflexive spells against fate spells target at himself.



  • (Alteration) The mage can now cast Life spells with indefinite duration on living targets



  • (Refreshing spell): Can cast spells that use the refresh mechanic.


  • (Greater Reach): Reach is reduced to -1 dice and +1 paradox instead of -2 dice and +1 paradox.



  • (Advanced Area) Spells area is calculated as if they had Advanced Area.
  • (Sympatic) Cast spells upon targets outside the mage's direct sphere of influence



  • (Advanced Duration) Spells duration is calculated as if they had Advanced Duration.
  • (Hold Spell) Cast spell that remains 'ready' to use, costs an additional mana.


Rituals are longer and more powerful castings than single spells. Whenever performing a ritual, the caster can make several rolls against a set difficulty that is calculated before the ritual begins. Additional successes means nothing to a ritual as it is set at the beginning of the casting (unless the user scores an exceptional success), but less successes means that the caster may make additional tries (if possible).

Every second roll in a ritual gives the spell +1 paradox. This paradox is -permanent- if the base paradox would be permanent. The spell aspect doesn't change however, so a covert ritual will not trigger paradox even if it gives paradox.

Rolls      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10
Paradox   +0   +1   +1   +2   +2   +3   +3   +4   +4   +5


Teamwork can be used in ritual as with any other spell. If a character lacks the necessary Arcana to help, the character can use Reach to get the necessary Arcana. The resulting bonus paradox is taken only by the character who Reaches.

Maximum Rolls

The maximum amount of rolls a caster can make during a ritual is equal to Gnosis + Arcanum (where Arcanum is the highest Arcanum involved in the casting). By taking another +3 paradox for the ritual, the caster may increase the maximum amount of rolls by +1.

Exceptional Success

Aside from the amount of successes an additional success gives one of the following benefits:
Exceptional Success: The spell has the benefit of an exceptional success.
Reduced Time: The time it takes to make each roll is reduced by 1/4 of the remaining time.
Reduced Difficulty: The total amount of successes required is reduced by the casters primary arcana dots.
Reduced Paradox: The Ritual has its paradox reduced by 2.
Increased Power: The caster gets +1 to all further rolls for the spell or +3 for the next roll.
Additional Tries: The maximum rolls for the ritual is increased by +1.
Second Wind: Treat the characters exhaustion as if it were 4 hours less.
Improvisation: The mage can change the design of his ritual by up to 5 points.
Inspiration: The amount of successes required for an exceptional success is reduced by 2.

Ritual Spells has the drawback that they require 5 successes for the first Exceptional Success, 6 for the second etc.

Pattern Bleeding

Enchanting an object or altering a pattern causes pressure against reality itself. Reality pushes back and causes the pattern to want to change back. This stress causes living (undead, created etc.) to suffer from what is known as Pattern Bleeding. Whenever a pattern is enchanted and not permanentlt altered, that being suffers pattern bleeding every 24 hours. Permanently altering the pattern of an object requires that the duration of the effect is raised to permanent and that the effect then is released by the mage.

Every time the being suffers from pattern bleeding, that being must pay a point of mana or suffer one level of aggravated damage. Whenever a mage casts a spell, the mage can infuse that spell with any number of manage points. If an infused spell is released before the mana is spent, half of the mana infused can be siphoned off by someone with Prime 2.


Dramatic Failure = (Base+1)x2
Cover            = 0
Vulgar           = 1
Vulgar + Witness = 2

The Paradox Roll

Damage as Lethal      -3
Damage as Aggravated  -6
Increased Duration    -2

Resolving Paradox

Only temporary paradox can be resolved. Permanent Paradox remains until the cause of the paradox is removed.

Ritual Cleansing

Once per week a mage can perform a ritual cleansing fitting his paradigm to remove some of the paradox gathered inside of him. A mage can discharge by making a roll fitting his paradigm (with a -3 penalty). Each success discharges a paradox point as bashing damage into the mages pattern. If the roll is a dramatic failure, the mage gains a point of paradox instead of losing any paradox.

Paradigm            Attribute      Skill
Akashic Order       Composure      Athletics
Celestial Chorus    Wits           Occult
Cult of Ecstasy     Presence       Socialize
Dreamspeakers       Stamina        Persuasion
Euthanos            Resolve        Empathy
Hermetic Order      Wits           Academics
Son of Ether        Intelligence   Science
Verbena             Presence       Expression
Virtual Adept       Intelligence   Computer

Bleeding Paradox

Once per month, a mage can bleed paradox into his pattern. Roll Resolve + Composure. Each success bleeds a single point of Paradox into the mages pattern, causing 1 point of bashing damage.


When attemtping a Dispell, the mage rolls Gnosis+Arcana - Arcanum Dots - Protection of the effect he's attempting to dispell. Protection is the amount of dice added to the spell as a defense vs. Dispelling.

Successes on the roll lowers the spells potency by the same amount and when a spell reaches 0 or less potency, it's dispelled.


Spells viewed by non-awakened mortals suffer from Disbelief. The spells are slowly unraveled and torn to pieces, which cause the effects of the spells to vanish. Whenever a spell is clearly against the consensus and the spell is witnessed for a longer period, roll the highest Composure + Resolve dicepool for the witnesses. The successes are accumulated and when it reaches the spell's potency, the spell is unraveled. Note that larger groups of people gives a bonus to this roll.

People  bonus
1        +0
2        +1
4        +2
8        +3
16       +4
32       +5
64       +6
..       ..
x2       +1