Tide of Thunder Wiki

Level of Paradox

old  new
 1            Drawback
 2   1-3      Havoc
 3   4-6      Branding
 4   7-9      Quiet
 5   8-12     Manifestation
 6   13+      Paradox Realm      


A drawback is something that makes the spell less efficient and changes how the spell works. Such as a mind-protecting spell being forced to use a headband to function. The spell works as intended, but if the drawback triggers (such as the removal of the headband) the spell will cease to function until the drawback has been adjusted. If this occurs during a instant spell, use 'Havoc' instead.


There are 3 types of Manifestations that can occur when paradox occurs. Each spirit is hostile to the mage who caused the paradox and especially Paradox Spirits are known to punish the offending mage creativly.

Umbral Lords are spirits from the Shadow who are new to the material plane. They are dangerous because they seldom follow the rules of the world. They often bring with them new concepts but they are not necessarily lethaly hostile against the mage.

Abyssal Beings however wants to tear reality apart and seek to destroy the mage and all magic they can find...

The rank of the manifestation is equal to (Gnosis + Arcana)/2.

1d10  Type                Rank
 1-2  Abyssal Being       +0
 3-6  Paradox Spirit      +0
7-10  Umbral Lord         +1
Condition                             Rank
Mag'se highest arcana was used         +1
Mage had more than 20 Paradox          +1
Mage had less thant 10 paradox         -1
The Paradox was caused in the shadow   +2
The Paradox was caused at a plateau    -1