A Quick reference chart of all the boons and purviews.

Quirks: Minor things that may affect the storyline if the storyteller chooses to. These quirks are passive (in most cases) and are baseline powers that the Scion posses as long as he has his relic at hero or demigod level. They cost nothing (or at most a legend point if the storyteller deems it necessary). They can only affect non supernatural things.


Hero Quirk: Animals of the choosen animal doesn't attack the Scion willingly. They are friendlier than regular towards the Scion and if able and willing, they obey commands of the Scion as a trained dog would.
● Animal Communication: Speak with animals
●● Animal Command: By this power you can command the animals that are your totem
●● Summon Animal: By calling upon the very nature of the beasts around him, the Scion calls forth the beasts around him
●●● Animal Aspect: You can take on an aspect of your totem and gain bonuses from that
●●● Faunaphagia: Increase your attributes by consuming animal flesh

Demigod Quirk: Animals of the chosen kind seek to protect the Scion and treats the Scion as one of its own.
●●●● Ride Animal: Take control of an animal as if it was you
●●●●● Animal Feature: Take on the appearance and features of an animal to gain bonuses
●●●●● ● Animal Form: Turn yourself into an animal
●●●●● ●● Create Animal: Spill your blood to create animals from the drps
●●●●● ●● Paper Tiger: As create Animal, but you can form them out of art and such

God Quirk: Animals treat the Scion as an alpha of its kind. Within their ability they seek to help the Scion as much as possible. They will also seek out the Scion if they are within reasonable range and be around him as much as possible. If the Scion has protean understanding, -all- animals will act in such a way as per the purview.
●●●●● ●●● Epic Enhancement: Ehance an animal with divine power
●●●●● ●●●● Hybrid Chimera: Slå samman olika djur till ett underligt djur
●●●●● ●●●●● Protean Understanding: Du kan påverka vilket djur som helst


Hero Quirk: Random events seem to favor the Scion in slight ways that has no bearing on the story. Things are more easily displaced around the Scion.
● Eye of the Storm: Avoid chaotic events and become immune to random events
●● Hornet's Nest: You can conclude what would either cause chaos or avoid chaos in the environment
●●● Paralyzing Confusion: Cause someone to become paralyzed from chaos

Demigod Quirk: One in a million things start to happen around the Scion. Two people have the same lottery ticket, only green cars parked along a street etc. It's noticeable to mortals that odd things are seemingly happen at random. The Scion can control minor random events with accuracy, such as a die roll, without much effort. Mortals are more prone to acting chaoticly
●●●● Sabot: Destroy machines and cause failures with nothing but a look
●●●● Seeds of Chaos: Spread discord among your opponents
●●●● Bacchanalia: You can whip people into a frenzy that goes on for hours
●●●●● Reccuring Distraction: Cause a powerful and dangerous distraction to those around you
●●●●● Labyrinthine Lingering: Make people unable to figure out their direction
●●●●● ● Crawling Chaos: A Contagious version of Paralyzing Confusion
●●●●● ●● Instant Riot: Instantly cause people around you to riot and tear down the surroundings

God Quirk: The very laws of probability and order seem to be defied. Dice lands on the edge, computers begins to use a third bit etc. The Scion can control even major random events, such as the placement of air molecules for a slight second
●●●●● ●●● Insanity: Cause absolute insanity
●●●●● ●●● Unlikely Pattern: Things you throw fall in unlikely patterns
●●●●● ●●●● Shuck Fate: Throw a fatebounding upon another target
●●●●● ●●●●● Unintended Purpose: You can use an item as something completly different.


Hero Quirk: The Scion becomes less recognizeable and more fearsome. He has an easier time hiding from extras.
● Night Eyes: du får mörkersyn
●● Shadow Mask: Andra känner inte igen dig
●● Afraid of the Dark: Cause people to lose willpower
●●● Shadow Refuge: Du blir osynlig i mörker

Demigod Quirk: The Scion seems to be constantly cloaked in shadows. Sunlight dims slightly in his presence. It's easier to miss him. The Scion can dim the light around himself with an effort. Mortals might view him with a shiver down their spine and a constant tug at their fear
●●●● Shadow Step: Du teleporterar dig mellan skuggor
●●●● Absorb Light: Absorb light and become immune to the powers of the sun
●●●●● Shadow Craft: Du kan ta ut saker ur mörkret och skapa föremål av det
●●●●● Clouded Mind: Makes it difficult for people to think and act
●●●●● ● Shadow Shroud: Skapa ett klot av mörker
●●●●● ●● Shadow Bodies: Skapa skuggkopior av dig själv

God Quirk: Night falls quicker around the Scion. The sun appear bleak while the Scion can easily dim the light around him. Mortals might be utterly terrified of the scion.
●●●●● ●●● Strike Blind: Slå folk blinda
●●●●● ●●●● Oubliette: Kasta in någon i ett kallt mörkt tomrum
●●●●● ●●●●● Eclipse: Skapa ett enormt område av mörker


Hero Quirk: The Scion can feel when people dies as a weird sensation. The hero can see when mortals are about to die from means mortal.
● Death Sense: Se spöken och känna död.
● Delay Rot: Prevents something from rotting
●● Euthanasia: Hjälpa folk dö lugnt och stilla
●●● Unquiet Corpse: Skapa en zombie som lyder dig
●●● The Dead's Sanctuary: Förhindra att en kropp blir påverkad av andra Death Boons.
●●● Bleak Census: Få reda på saker om någon som är död

Demigod Quirk: By an effort of will, the Scion can send passing souls onto their fitting afterlife. He unconciously guides souls by his presence. With his touch, he can end the life of a mortal. Most mortals are filled with an unexpected dread when being in the Scions presence
●●●● Summon Ghost: Åkalla ett spöke och prata med det.
●●●●● Mother's Touch: Kan påverka spöken som om de vore levande
●●●●● ● Exorcism: Kasta ut ett spöke från världen eller ifrån någon besatt
●●●●● ●● Haunted Mists: Tvingar spöken att manifestera sig.

God Quirk: The Scion can prevent mortals from dying (unless fate interfeers) by a concious effort. They dont heal, they just stay alive. He can also kill mortals from a distance without touching them. Most mortals are filled with an overwhelming fear of what's beyond when the Scion is close. They become far more aware of their own inevitable death... Some scions gives people a calm sensation instead of dread. People are filled with calm before eternity.
●●●●● ●●● Open Underworld Portal: Gör en portal till underjorden.
●●●●● ●●●● Ghost Control: Du kan göra spöken till dina slavar.
●●●●● ●●●●● Strike Dead/Deny Death: Hindra någon från att dö eller döda någon.
●●●●● ●●●●● Death of the Soul: Ta bort Legend ifrån en legendarisk varelse.


Hero Quirk: The Scion makes it far easier or difficult for people to sleep. The dreams they dream are influenced by the Scions presence and he prominently features in their dreams unless he wishes no to.
● Dream Reading: You can view the dream's of others and always remember your own dreams.
●● Renew/Exhaust: This power makes people either exhausted from lack of sleep or restores them as if they slept.
●●● Blessed Dream/Nightmare: You can force people to either have extreme nightmares or soothing dreams.

Demigod Quirk: The Scions actions become regular dreams for the mortals around him. His legendary deeds spread quickly through the dream realm and his worshippers can be sent minor messages (such as 'all is well' and 'well done'). The dream realm doesnt harm the Scion unless another wills it to.
●●●● Shape Dreams: You can shape the dreams of others.
●●●●● Waking Dream: A subject becomes unable to distinguish reality from the dream.
●●●●● ●
●●●●● ●● Living Dream: You turn a mortal into a living dream.

God Quirk: The Scion can readily alter minor things about the dreams of the mortals around him. He might add or remove themes from as many sleepers as he wishes and they remain until they wake up. Doing such takes up all of the Scions concentration.
●●●●● ●●● Dream Body: You can enter into the dreaming.
●●●●● ●●●● Dream World: You create your own world in the dreaming!
●●●●● ●●●●● Dreams Come True: Whatever transpires in the dream also happens to the subjects sleeping body.


Hero Quirk: The earth seem more stable around the Scion and the earth is either slowly poisoned or purified as the Scion steps on it.
● Safely Interred: Skyddat mot rasmassor
●● Echo Sounding: kan känna saker som ett ekolod.

●● Strength of the Earth: Din styrka ökar tillfälligt.

●●● Slow Down: Minska motståndarens speed och attack speed.
●●● Shaping: Forma jord och metall som om det vore lera.

Demigod Quirk: By a concious effort, the Scion can slowly move earth and shape it around him. He can cause erosion to happen at a speed that the human eye can see and he can divert a flow of lava.
●●●● Earth Armor: Skapa ett armor av jord runt dig.
●●●● Rust/Shine: Either rust or polish metal objects.
●●●●● Earth Travel: Simma genom jorden.
●●●●● ● Earth Body: Bli till ett mineral eller jord.
●●●●● ● Weight of the Earth: Ett föremål du vidrör får ett ökat styrkekrav och en större tyngd
●●●●● ●● Landslide: Skapa ett jordskred.
●●●●● ●● Imprisoning Crystal: Create crystals that imprison your subject

God Quirk: When completly focused, the Scion can shape even the rock that makes up the world. He can create volcanos (if given enough time), raise mountains and lower land into the ocean. It takes about an hour per 10 square miles of land to shape.
●●●●● ●●● Earth Creation: Du skapar jord/metall/mineraler.
●●●●● ●●●● Property Infusion: Du ger ett material egenskaper av ett annat material
●●●●● ●●●●● Magma Control: Du kan styra magma/lava och blir immun emot det.


Hero Quirk: The Scion can shelter and shield minor plants from the ravages of time and environment. By touching a flower, the scion can keep it alive without water or food for longer periods of time. Plants grow more rapidly in the scions presence, doubling their growth speed for as long as the Scion is tending them
● Green Thumb: Göra så en växt överlever utan vatten/solljus
● Plant Speech: Tala med växter omkring dig
●● Cleanse: Rena bort gifter etc. ifrån växter
●● Toxic Thorn: Create a thorn that poisons anyone it stings
●●● Bless or Blight: Blessa eller BLighta ett område
●●● Impending Growth: Hindra fienden med växterna omkring dem
●●● Greenskin: Become more like a plant

Demigod Quirk: Plants shelter the Scion, drawing near him without hindering his approach. Mortals easily miss the scion if he or she so wishes when passing among foliage and plants spring up in the Scions steps. If focusing, the Scion can direct how plants grow and slowly grow minor plants were they could normaly grow.
●●●● Natural Camouflage: Kamoflera sig i naturen
●●●●● Twist Plants: Tvinga växter inta onaturliga positioner och skepnader
●●●●● ● Accelerated Growth: Accelerera växters tillväxt
●●●●● ● Wealth of Nature: Säkrar goda skördar och tillväxt för en person.
●●●●● ●● Verdant Creation: Skapa växter ur ingenting

God Quirk: The scions mere presence causes plants to spring up around him. Plants seek to help the Scion in their own ways and the Scion is never harmed by natural plants. Plants resist damage more readily and the Scion can, by concentrating and making an effort of will, grow plants into readiness in a matter of minutes.
●●●●● ●●● Eternal Bloom: Ge växter evigt liv och de blommar alltid
●●●●● ●●●● Impossible Hybrid: Slå ihop växter till olika sjuka hybrider
●●●●● ●●●●● Endless Season: göra så växterna alltid befinner sig i en viss årstid


Hero Quirk: The Scion seem unaturally hot while flames grow slightly stronger when in his presence. The scion can enhance a single candle to give more light and generate enough warmth to keep another person warm during cold weather. By the touch of his relic, the Scion can start a fire without difficulty. only one such fire can be started during a scene and it requires something to burn from.
● Fire Immunity: Immun emot värme/eld
●● Bolster Fire: Gör en eld starkare
●●● Fire's Eyes: See through any fire that you can see or have bolstered with Bolster Fire

Demigod Quirk: The Scion can conciously control regular fire that doesnt burn on any supernatural surface. He can only cause flames to move as they normaly would (albeit quicker and with the Scions intelligence behind) as well as cause the flames to die. This takes all the scions concentration to perform.
●●●● Flaming Bullets: Make your weapon fire flaming ammo.
●●●● Blazing Weapon: Make a weapon stronger by sheeting it with fire.
●●●●● Flame Travel: Leap between fires big enough to let you pass through.
●●●●● ● Inferno: Unleash a great fire ball upon your foes.
●●●●● ●● Devil Body: Begin to burn those touching you.

God Quirk: The scion can burst aflame without damaging anything around him, as the flames burn without heat. The scion can also control fire enough to keep it burning without needing any fuel (altough that causes the flames to deal no actual damage). Fire can pour out of the Scions hands, eyes or mouth, but such fire can only damage mortals.
●●●●● ●●● Control Fire: Control any fire you can see and direct it as you wish.
●●●●● ●●●● Ifrit: Remake mortals into fire creatures loyal to you.
●●●●● ●●●● Hotter than Hot: Fire immunity doesn't protect against your fire boons
●●●●● ●●●●● Rain of Fire: Create a rain of fire that assaults your foes.



Hero Quirk: The Scion radiates cold and can easily freeze a glass of water. His breath always radiates as a thin mist, even in warm weather. The scions skin is cold to the touch
● Frost Immunity: You are unaffected by cold and frost.
●● Uller's Stride: You can go skiing everywhere!
●●● Hrimthurssar's Touch: Your weapon inflict extra cold damage.

Demigod Quirk: the Scion's steps leaves after them a thin sheat of frost while anything he touches grows cold. Plants in his presence begin to wilter as if winter had struck if the Scion so chooses. During snowfall, the Scion can control the snowfall enough to leave messages in the air.
●●●● Frozen Panoply: You create ice in various forms.
●●●●● Winter's Mercy: You can make others immune to cold and frost.
●●●●● ● Chill the Blood: You reduce your opponents speed and dexterity.
●●●●● ●● Blizzard Call: You summon a blizzard to your side.

God Quirk:The Scion can cause snow to fall within his presence. He can control snow or ice in such a way that he can slowly alter their shape. This requires all his attention.
●●●●● ●●● Frozen Heart: You can freeze the passions and feelings of a subject.
●●●●● ●●●● Flash Freeze: as the name suggests, you can Flash Freeze a target.
●●●●● ●●●●● Ymir's Hand: You can summon a supernatural snow weather that drains the area of heat.


Hero Quirk: The Scion can shield a target from minor scraps, dust and such that would normally be an inconvinience for a normal mortal
● Vigil Brand: Mark a person and makes it possible for you to check up on them.
● Warning Line: Create a line that'll warn you when someone passes over it
●● Aegis: Protect a mortal or a object with supernatural hardness.
●●● Ward: Create a ward that prevents subjects from entering.

Demigod Quirk:
●●●● Unseen Shield: Create an invisible field that protects those inside it.
●●●●● Come Running: Teleport to a marked subject in danger.
●●●●● I say Thee, Nay!: Gain several bonuses when defending something.
●●●●● ● Watcher at the Threshold: Transport yourself to a place you guard
●●●●● ● Confer Knack: Grant a subject the use of one of your knacks.
●●●●● ●● Confer Immunity: Grant the use of a first dot boon immunity to subject.

God Quirk: The Scion's presence shields mortals from minor dangers that could otherwise harm them. By concentrating, the Scion can prevent dangers such as collateral damage from a rampaging titan or falling bricks. Uttering the Scion's name acts as the Hero Quirk for this boon for the uttering mortal.
●●●●● ●●● Appropriated Vigil: As ●, but with more subjects and not only by those marked by you.
●●●●● ●●●● Divine Resolve: Grant a marked subject a resistance bonus against temptation or coercion.
●●●●● ●●●●● Salvation Sacrifice: You take all damage a marked subject would normally take.


Hero Quirk: The Scion seems strangely healthy and his touch makes mortals feel healthier and hastens their restoration from diseases. Likewise, the Scion can cause an infection to grow stronger and the immune system of a mortal to loose its strength.
● Assess Health: Know how healthy a subject is.
●● Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty: Increase or decrease health of subject.
●● Bolster: Grant subject extra health levels.
●●● Heal/Infect: Either heals (lethal) or causes damage on a subject.
●●● Antidote: Purge a subject of infection

Demigod Quirk: The Scions presence causes mortals to either be bolstered or weakened or work the hero quirk at range.
●●●● Cradlesong: Put others to sleep.
●●●● Virility/Mulieority: Affect the chance to create offspring.
●●●● Perfect Lover: Cause your lover to gain or loose willpower and become obssessed with you
●●●●● Control Aging: Either increase or decrease the age of a subject.
●●●●● ● Restore/Wither: Restore severe damage (Aggravated), lost limbs or destroy limbs or cause severe damage.
●●●●● ● Divine Conception: Force a pregnancy upon a touched target who's female, or cause a male to cause a pregnancy the next time he sleeps with a woman
●●●●● ●● Holy Font/Epedemic: as ●●●, but against several subjects at once.

God Quirk: Mortals near the Scion require less or more sleep. The scion can cure or inflict any regular common disease with nothing but a touch and a deep concentration. More severe diseases are restricted to the use of Plague/Cure. BY standing still and focusing, the Scion can spread common diseases or start to cure common diseases
●●●●● ●●● Human Clay: You can shape mortal's flesh like clay.
●●●●● ●●●● Human Hybrid: Fully reshape humans.
●●●●● ●●●●● Plague/Cure: Create or Cure diseases.


Hero Quirk: Mortal's in the Scions presence finds it easier to trick other mortals and mortals are confused by minor illusions such as a slight color change to someone's shirt.
● The Subtle Knife: You can make a lesser item disappear.
●● Stolen Face: You can appear as someone else.
●●● Fool's Gold: You can make an item appear much more valuable than it really is.

Demigod Quirk: The illusions that mortals experience becomes less subtle and the world around the Scion begins to take on an appearance as wished by the Scion. These changes are minor, yet controled. The sun seems a bit brighter, the air fresher etc.
●●●● Dreamcraft: You can forge larger illusions that fool more than one sense.
●●●●● Loaned Identity: You can change the appearance of something into something else (Such as fire into a man).
●●●●● ● Fantastic Vista: You can put an illusion over an entire landscape!
●●●●● ●● Hidden Name: You are supernaturally hidden from other boons and Knacks.

God Quirk: The scion's home and base can be made into a fairly advanced illusion while the scions appearance shifts and changes as his mood alters. Mortals have a difficult time remembering him or even recognizing him.
●●●●● ●●● Dreamworld: You can craft an entire world!
●●●●● ●●●● False Pretenses: Much like ●●, but far greater in scope.
●●●●● ●●●●● The Best Trick: You can create a real thing out of nothing that lasts for a short while.


Hero Quirk: Tools are less prone to break in the scions presence and mortals find working easier.
● Work Harder: Reduce fatigue penalties
●● Work Smarter: Increase the speed at which you and your subjects work.
●● Tool Mastery: Gain bonus dice to craft or Art.
●●● Fixit: Repair any worn or damaged mortal object
●●● Craftman: Create a ●● dot relic that has a duration of legend * successes hours, or days if a 1 Willpower + x Legend points are spent, where x is equal to the successes.

Demigod Quirk: Handheld tools are easier to handle and less prone to accidents while in the Scions presence. Mortals works in more clever ways, coming up with better ideas to make work more efficient.
●●●● Gremlins: Cause machine/tools to malfunction
●●●●● Supply Chain: Create small Objects
●●●●● ● Fire in the Belly: Increase subjects virtues
●●●●● ●● Jury Rig: Make an object work despite being destroyed.

God Quirk: When in the Scion's presence, mortals minds work better and they easier come up with industrious ideas. Their will to work is increased and machines seem to work smoother and more efficient, requiring less fuel to run and producing more. The Scion can 'bless' machinery to make this effect last for a while when he leaves. There also appear to be slightly more of all materials mortals need to work with to produce whatever they are producing.
●●●●● ●●● Assembly Line: You can create objects without the correct materials
●●●●● ●●● Lifelike art: Give life to an art object or something you've crafted.
●●●●● ●●● Imbue with Ichor
●●●●● ●●●● Innovate: Improve an object despite how advanced it is
●●●●● ●●●● Creative Prison: Imprison others in objects of art you create
●●●●● ●●●●● The Project: Create a bomb that destroys nearly anything.


● Judgment: Determine if a subject is guilty.
●● Guilt Apparitions: Affect subject with crushing guilt and hallucinations.
●●● Shield of Righteousness: Make innocent victim immune to one attack.
●●● Guilt of the Damned: Force Subject to become wracked with guilt

Demigod Quirk: the Scion can sense guilt in mortals and those mortals becomes a bit more shaken by their crimes and guilts. He can also sense nearby dangers to mortals if fate lacks a hand in the actions.
●●●● Dream Wrack: Torture subject with dreams about its guilt.
●●●●● Scarlet Letter: Make a subject visibly guilty of a crime he has commited.
●●●●● ● Sympathy Pains: A group of subjects takes damage togheter.
●●●●● ●● Psychic Prison: Mentally imprison a subject to cause sanity damage.
●●●●● ●● Star Chamber: Cause Fate to punish subject

●●●●● ●●● Sanctify Oath: Force an oath to have supernatural penalties for those who break it.
●●●●● ●●●● Overworld Judgment: Force subjects to behave obey something you dictate.
●●●●● ●●●●● Divine Enforcement: Know every Law in the surrounding and feel when people break those laws.


Hero Quirk: The Scion is affected by the phases of the moon and during the dark hours of the night, the Scion glitters as much as the moon as long as the open sky is above him. Water seems to be drawn towards the scion if he wishes and he can see twice as good as normal during the night.
● Smoking Mirror: See things from the moon's perspective
●● Tidal Interference: Make a subject easier to hit
●● Silver Blessing: Weapon act as if it was made from silver
●●● Silver Sheen: Your skin takes on a silvery hue that makes you more perfect
●●● Phase Cloak: The Moon hides you from those who try to spot you

Demigod Quirk: Mortals who view the Scion suffers from slight confusion or their thoughts become clearer and more inspired. The Scion makes the moon seem brighter and he leaves thin traces of 'moon dust' behind him.
●●●● Lunacy: Force subject to fall into a virtue extremity
●●●● Mirror of Lunacy: Cause subject to cease having a virtue extremity
●●●●● Eclipse Halo: Blinds those looking at you
●●●●● ● Phase Body: Become resistant to physical attacks.
●●●●● ●● Moon Chariot: You create a chariot that can fly

God Quirk: The Scion can, by focusing, alter the phase of the moon into whichever phase he chooses. He can increase the lumination on earth so that mortals can see better (this in no way helps revealing legendary creatures). The scion can also draw water to him as if he was the moon and thus generate a minor tide or push away water as per a minor tide.
●●●●● ●●● Tranquility: Remove target's Virtue Extremity or other madness.
●●●●● ●●●● Lunar Estate: You receive an estate on the moon!
●●●●● ●●●●● Finger Moon: You wear the moon as a crown and gain bonus to your defense.


A unique power that seems to change reality


Hero Quirk: The Scion's presence makes path's seem more clear and travel are far easier for mortals.
● Unerring Orientation: You always know were you are and which direction you face.
●● Where Are You: You can sense were someone talking to you are located.
●●● Unbarred Entry: You can step through solid matter as if it wasn't there.

Demigod Quirk: Mortal spirits that share the same virtues as the Scion will be drawn towards the Scion and guided towards the Scion's underworld. Living mortals are less likely to get lost in the Scion's presence while lost items seems to be easier to find for those who are looking for them.
●●●● Come Along: Give other's the ability to move willingly with you.
●●●● Spirit Lamp: Make ghost seek you out
●●●●● Terra Incognita: You gain a sixth sence that lets you find Terra Incognitas.
●●●●● Storm the Gates: Open up an Axis Mundi for people who normally can't open them.
●●●●● ● Marathon Sprinter: You run five times as fast as long as you keep running.
●●●●● ● Heart of the Maze: Tell Subject were you are mystically
●●●●● ●● Rainbow Bridge: You can teleport yourself over long distances.

God Quirk: Paths become less obstructed for mortals while mortal spirits, their virtues no longer necessary, are drawn to the Scion and guided towards their underworld. Whenever the Scion opens a portal to either the underworld or the overworld he can opt to bring spirits around him with him for no cost. These spirits are thus sent to their underworld. The Scion can also gather spirits by concentrating and send them off to the correct underworld
●●●●● ●●● Ride Along: You grant a vehicle the ●●●● boon.
●●●●● ●●●● Otherwordly Portal: You can create a portal that leads to the overworld.
●●●●● ●●●●● Co-Location: You can be in more than once place at once!


Hero Quirk: Winds seem to grow still or more fierce in the Scion's presence. It's rare that a Scion with Sky as a purview has bad wind during his travels in the mortal world. Gusts of wind always dramatically enhance the Scions words and movements
● Sky's Grace: You become immune to falling damage.
● Weather Witch: Predict weather
● Wind Shield: Blowing winds offer protection against ranged attacks.
●● Storm Augumentation: You can enhance your body or weapon with lightning.
●● Whipping Wind: Cause penalties to your opponents by letting the wind whip them
●●● Wind Grapple: You can make freak winds grapple an opponent.

Demigod Quirk: The Scion can, with concentration, control the wind to some degree. He can't do anything precise, but he can summon a gust of wind strong enough to topple a mortal or cause rainfall to hide his tracks from them.
●●●● Wind's Freedom: You can fly, unaffected by gravity.
●●●● Divine Threnody: Increase or decrease sound
●●●● Mists of Covering: Mists clouds the vision of those inside its radius
●●●●● Cloud Sculptor: You can control the look of the sky.
●●●●● ● Levin Fury: With this power, you can hurl lightning bolts!
●●●●● ●● Tornado Tamer: You have your own pet tornado.

God Quirk: Without cost, albeit with concentration, the Scion can control the weather of a number of kilometers equal to his legend x10. He can whip up storms, tornados or any other mortal weather. Creatures with legend are hardly affected by these storms, but mortals can find entire cities or countrysides devastated.
●●●●● ●●● Create Air: You can create breathable atmosphere.
●●●●● ●●●● Cloud Body: Your body becomes that of a cloud.
●●●●● ●●●●● Weather Husbandry: You can control the weather.


Hero Quirk: Mundane tasks seems to take slightly less time to perform. Mortals have an easier time timing things around the character unless the character wills them to be untiming.
● Perfect Timing: This power grants the Scion a perfect sense of time and of effects that alter time.
● Stary Eyes: The Scion becomes adept at overcoming illusions and to see a myriad of different angles
●● Sense Age: You can sense the age of any object you touch.
●● Blessing of the Stars: .
●●● Aurora: You can surround yourself with an aurora Borealis and grant yourself a defensive boost.
●●● Time Dilation: Same as Aurora, except that you twist time around yourself to increase your DV.
●●● Star Shot: Decrease Opponents DV against the next attack

Demigod Quirk:
●●●● Still Object: This power freezes a single object in time.
●●●● Shield of Time: Grants the user bonus health levels for decreased ticks
●●●●● Twist Time: You increase or decrease the flow of time around a subject.
●●●●● ● Lucky Star: You create your own lucky star!
●●●●● ●● Starfire: Your body becomes that of a star.

God Quirk:
●●●●● ●●● Frozen Moment: You can step outside of time for a brief moment.
●●●●● ●●●● Celestial Estate: You have an estate among the stars!
●●●●● ●●●● Constellation Weaver: Turn an opponent or willing creature into a constellation
●●●●● ●●●●● Cloak of Stars: You surround yourself with stars and become difficult to attack.


Hero Quirk: Light seems more intense around the character and the Scion can weaken shadows and softly change the coloration of light slightly. Mortals feel more glorious and their spirits lift.
● Penetrating Glare: Your eyes can see through stuff that would normally obstruct your vision.
●● Divine Radiance: You can shine as the sun!
●● Lasting Glow: An item you touch begins to emit a divine light
●●● Heavenly Flare: The Radiance of your body blinds and distracts opponents.
●●● Life-Giving Rays: Increase speed of Healing
●●● Blazing Aura: Exchange Stamina for Charisma when calculating soak for a scene

Demigod Quirk:At this level, the Scion can produce soft light in the world that removes mortal darkness. The Scion can also cause a day to shine slightly stronger and make the sun pierce any mortal clouds that cover the sky. Mortals become resistant to fear caused by non-legendary sources and the Scions words can inspire them to heights unimaginable.
●●●● Flare Missile: Any thrown or fired weapon you wield is coated with solar energy.
●●●● Sun Ray: You can fire a ray of light that blinds and hurts a foe. Especially the undead!
●●●●● Burn: You scorch those you touch with a powerful sunburn
●●●●● Summer/Winter Solstice: Cause the sun to shine in the sky and the band receives benefits
●●●●● ● Solar Prominence: You disrupt electrical appliances and other machines.
●●●●● ●● Sun Chariot: You create a chariot of fire that can fly.

God Quirk: The Scion can cause either Solar Eclipses or end a solar eclipse in the world by sheer will. he can force clouds to disperse from under the sun and he can shine with such brilliance that mortals are permanently blinded and burns.
●●●●● ●●● Inexorable Gravity: Objects and things are pulled towards you.
●●●●● ●●●● Bleach: You burn away things with your light.
●●●●● ●●●●● Solar Crown: You wear the sun as a crown!
●●●●● ●●●●● Fusion: Cause massive damage and recreate things you touch


Hero Quirk: Mundane tasks seems to take slightly less time to perform. Mortals have an easier time timing things around the character unless the character wills them to be untiming.
● Perfect Timing: This power grants the Scion a perfect sense of time and of effects that alter time.
●● Sense Age: You can sense the age of any object you touch.
●●● Anytime, anywhere: Increase your speed by warping time.

Demigod Quirk:
●●●● Time Dilation: Same as Aurora, except that you twist time around yourself to increase your DV.
●●●● Still Object: This power freezes a single object in time.
●●●●● Twist Time: You increase or decrease the flow of time around a subject.
●●●●● ● Draw Time: Create time elementals that serve your every whim.
●●●●● ●● Rapid Aging: Age an opponent to reduce their power and abilities.

God Quirk:
●●●●● ●●● Frozen Moment: You can step outside of time for a brief moment.
●●●●● ●●●● Celestial Estate: You have an estate among the stars!
●●●●● ●●●● Constellation Weaver: Turn an opponent or willing creature into a constellation
●●●●● ●●●●● Cloak of Stars: You surround yourself with stars and become difficult to attack.


Hero Quirk: The scions speeches have a greater effect upon mortal soldiers. Few are willing to break under the Scions guidance and mortals strive harder and longer for his sake. They view him as the epitome of the warrior type he represents
● Blessing of Bravery: Amplify the valor and will of those who fight on your side.
● Master Tactician: Get a sense of were to put your men to win the battle
●● Warrior Born: Add your highest chained War Boon to attack rolls.
●● Battle Cry: You let loose a terrible cry that shakes the opponents.
●● Tactical Thinker: You have an extraordinary feel for the flow of battle and can derive bonuses from that
●●● Fury of War: You grant your allies and yourself bonuses in battle
●●● Warrior Ideal: You take on an ideal form of a warrior, gaining bonuses from that.

Demigod Quirk: Mortal soldiers never break when facing other mortal soldiers. They always fight to the best of their ability and they seldom even stop to think of their own safety. Wounds that would kill tend to be only 'flesh wounds'
●●●● Battle Map: Display the surroundings of an area and which units are there.
●●●● Act of War: Surprise is not easy on someone who has already planned for it
●●●● Riastrad: Whip yourself into a berserker fury which twists the world around you
●●●●● Brutal Legend: Whenever you put a foe out of comission you gain legend and willpower
●●●●● Morale Failure: Opponents armies refuses to fight.
●●●●● Mortal Stroke: Make a weapon deal aggravated damage
●●●●● ● Army of One: You make yourself into an army!
●●●●● ● Art of War: Turn allies and entire units of warriors into elite fighters
●●●●● ●● Colossus Armor: You become a massive Iron warrior with greater strength.
●●●●● ●● Siege Juggernaut: Your weapon act as artillery

God Quirk: The Scion can decide the course of battle by his mere will. By concentrating he can decide which mortal falls in battle and which doesn't. He can guide weapons that mortals fight with and can turn the tide of battle even against insane odds (such as bow and arrows vs. tanks)
●●●●● ●●● Blessing of Ammunition: Bless a weapon with unlimited ammo.
●●●●● ●●●● Follower Army: Mulitply your followers!
●●●●● ●●●●● Surreal Draft: Create an army out of the surroundings.


● Water Breathing: You can breathe water and the ocean doesn't harm you.
● Potability: Cleanse water
●● Water Control: By this power, you can command the water to do things for you.
●● Wave Breaker: The Scion and those he touch or have touched, becomes more difficult to move unless they will it so
●●● Fluid Body: Your body becomes more difficult to harm because of its likness to water.
●●● Changing States: You can alter the state of the water into ice, liquid or gas.

●●●● Create Water: Water pours out of your hands!
●●●●● Desiccate: You can dry out an opponent causing damage.
●●●●● Drown: Fill subjects lungs with water
●●●●● ● Oceanic Pressure: The Scion can use the pressure of the ocean to crush his foes and lift great weights!
●●●●● ● The amount of water over which the scion has domain is increased.
●●●●● ●● The Scion has his own pet Water Vortex.

●●●●● ●●● Purify Water: You remove any pollutants from the affected water.
●●●●● ●●●● Liquid Form: The Scion can turn into a watery form!
●●●●● ●●●●● Tsunami: The god can unleash a great tsunami upon his foes.

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