Sky's GraceRedigera

(Sky )
Same as written in the book

Wind ShieldRedigera

(Sky )
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 legend
Action: Misc
Through freak winds, the Scion of this Knack possesses a protection against ranged attacks that many opponents consider odd. When paying the legend cost, gusts of wind gathers around the Scion and gently stirs away any missiles or projectiles that are thrown or shot against the Scion. This gives the Scion a constant benefit of Cover (i.e. +2 DV against all projectile or missile based weapons) that has one flaw... the winds doesn't allow the Scion's attack to pass either, increasing the difficulty of his own attack by +1. The benefit of this Knack lasts for a single scene.

Storm AugumentationRedigera

(Sky )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per Attack or per defense
Action: Misc
For a number of actions equal to the successes on the Activation Roll, the Scion's weapon, armor or Shield are surrounded by jagged bolts of lightning or visible winds that sweep around the item in question. If the Scion chooses to enhance his weapon this way, he may add a number of bonus successes to all his damage rolls equal to his dots in epic Appearance. Each attack that benefits from this costs 1 legend point. If the Scion chooses to enhance his armor or shield he can activate this ability whenever he's hit. If he chooses to do so (and pays the legend cost) he deals damage equal to his Epic Appearance dots to the being who strikes him.

Whipping WindRedigera

(Sky ●●)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Command
Cost: 1 Legend per Action
Action: Misc
By whipping the wind into a frenzy, the Scion causes an opponent to be surrounded by shearing winds that annoy and distract him, causing a penalty equal to the Scions Chained Sky purview (minimum 1). This distraction last for a number of actions for that target equal to the legend spent up to a maximum of the successes rolled on the activation roll.

Mists of CoveringRedigera

(Sky )
Dice Pool: Charisma + Stealth
Cost: 1 Legend per Legend yard radius
Action: Misc
By calling upon the skies themselves to hide his movements, the Scion shrouds the surrounding area in a mist that prevents those around him from seeing those inside the mist. The mist makes it impossible to see anything beyond a being's Epic Perception plus one yards. Those with Sun may also pierce the Mists with ease. Running through the mist is possible as long as a being has at least a single dot of epic perception.

The radius of the mist can be increased by the Scion's legend yards for each Legend point spent. Also note that powerful winds (such as those created by a Scion of a higher or equal legend can disperse this fog at the Storytellers discretion.

Wind GrappleRedigera

(Sky )
Dice Pool: Wits + Brawl
Cost: 1 Legend per attack
Action: Attack
Special: Treat this as a weapon with range of the Scions Legend

Wind's FreedomRedigera

(Sky )
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
Action: Passive

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