Spirits are ephemeral beings made of ephemera that can normally be found inside the shadow. They feed on essence and on resonance and gather around resonances that matches them.

Spirit Ranks
Rank Trait Limits Attribute Dots Max Essence Numina Alterations
1 5 dots 5-8 10 1-3 0-1
2 7 dots 9-14 15 3-5 0-3
3 9 dots 15-25 20 5-7 0-6
4 12 dots 26-35 25 7-9 0-10
5 15 dots 36-45 50 9-11 0-15


All Ephemereal beings are different and this is shown through Alterations. These modifications changes the beings base stats or abilities. Each alteration can be taken once, unless otherwise noted in its description.

The spirit is larger than its rank gives its credit for.
Add 3 to the Spirits size
Subtract 3 from the spirits speed

The spirit is faster than normal
+3 speed.
-1 health

Lightning Reflexes
+4 to initative.
-1 speed

+1/+1 armor.
-2 initiative
-1 Health

+1 defense
-1 health

+1 influence dot -2 attribute dots

Enters rage in battle and attacks mindlessly +2 attribute dots


Numina is the powers of the spirits. Some are activated abilities while others are passive abilities that are always active, making spirits stronger and weirder compared to the denizens of the world.

Known SpiritsRedigera


Rank 1Redigera

Rank 2Redigera

Rank 3Redigera

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