The sun purview has its overlord in Akhentaten.

Lasting GlowRedigera

(Sun ●●)
Dice Pool: Appearance + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend
Action: Misc
By imbuing an item with some of the Scion's power, the item starts to shine like a small torch and starts to exhibit some powers of its own. The item emits as much light as a 20 watt lightbulb and those of evil disposition has all their actions penalized by -2 for as long as they remain in the light of the item (which can be considered to have a radius equal to the Scion's Legend x 2 yards). The light lasts for a single scene.

Blazing AuraRedigera

(Sun ●●●)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Fortitude
Cost: 6 Legend + 2 Willpower
Action: Misc actions
Much like the indomitable sun, the Scion using this boon instantly seems more clear and blazing to those around him. The sun glitters of his skin as if he was made of gold and his skin can suddenly deflect blows that would otherwise not be deflectd. For the remainder of the Scene, the Scion can use his Charisma instead of his Stamina when determining soak. This include the successes from Epic Charisma.

Sun RayRedigera

(Sun ●●●●)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Marksmanship
Cost: 2 Legend
Action: Misc
The Scion points his finger at a target and fires a ray of pure sunlight onto the target. This ray is very difficult to dodge (treat the opponent as if he has only half his regular DV againt it) because of the sheer spead that the ray travels at, but the ray itself doesn't really deal that much damage. The ray deals the Scion's Appearance dots as base damage (Do not count EpicCharisma dots) and another 1 for each success above the targets DV. However, the target is also blinded by the ray of the sun for a number of actions equal to the Scion's Epic Charisma dots.

Undead however, are blinded for the entire scene if they're undead who suffer from sunlight

Summer/Winter SolsticeRedigera

(Sun )
Dice Pool: Appearance + Command
Cost: 1 Legend per target + 1 Willpower
Action: 2 Misc actions (-3 DV)
For each success the Scion can designate one additional target for this boon.

Through immense concentration during the day (enough to impose a -3 DV penalty), the Scion reaches into the sky and empowers the sun to shine down upon the Scion and his band. During the Summer or Spring, this boon fills the band with the full force of life and restoring their hope and powers. Allied targets gets One additional dot in his highest virtue, regains 2 willpower points and gains an additional amount of health levels that are equal to the Scion's legend who used this boon.

During Winter or Autumn, the Scion instead brings the feeling that the worst is over to those allies the Scion choose to affect. Allies affected gain +3 to their DV. Opponents however, feel that their time has waned. While under the effect of Winter Solstice, opponents loose one dot of their highest willpower, loses 2 Willpower points and takes the Scion's legend x 2 dice of aggravated damage. If a Titan spawn is reduced to having no Dark Virtues, the light brings the faith in the gods to the spawn, who may turn away from his dark path to that of the light virtues instead. This however, must be willingly.

Either effect lasts for an entire Scene.

rest to his band, while their opponents are struck by the full force of the Solstice. The Scion can designate a number of actions equal to his activation roll which will receive a speed penalty of 1 as the sun blinds them and makes it impossible for them to focus fully.

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