A trio of extremely powerful Rakasha's who might just be the most powerful human like beings that so far had been encountered in Scion compared to the other opposition.


A brute compared to the others, Kert is a massive man appearing about two and a half meters tall, nearly as wide and with a grin that's filled with fangs and teeth that seem able to rip flesh apart. Kert's favored weapon is a flaming chain that he wears around him at all time that at any moment's notice can jump out and become a weapon formidable enough to hurt any scion that he so far has encountered.

  • Legend 6
  • Strength 6 (5), Dexterity 4 (4), Stamina 6 (5)
  • Athletics 5, Melee 4, Integrity 4
  • Har inte Untouchable Opponent


The sly and quick of the three, Isza is perhaps the most tenacious of the three, seeing that her speed and dexterity lends her an extreme easy way around her opponents. She appears to be weak at first sight but her claws and weapons are as formidable as any of her brother's weaponry. She's not as evil as the other two, but still loyal to her brother's to no end.

  • Legend 6
  • Strength 4 (3), Dexterity 6 (5), Stamina 4 (3)
  • Athletics 5, Melee 5, Integrity 3


Among his kind, Mahāna is considered to be incredibly beautiful and charismatic. His words can sway those who would otherwise oppose him and if he fails to make them see reason with his tounge, he can lash out with his presence hard enough to obliterate anyone who dares speak against him. Being the oldest of the three, he's said to have spoken to Vritra directly and it's rumored that he has even been empowered by the titan in some fashion. Despite his calm attitude after their defeat in Florida, both Kert and Isza knows that Mahāna is furious and can barely control his presence enough to walk among mortals.

  • Legend 9 (He was recently ascended into the ranks of the elder Rakasha's)
  • Strength 6 (3), Dexterity 5 (5), Stamina 5 (5), Charisma 9 (8), Appearance 9 (8)
  • Athletics 4, Melee 3, Integrity 5, Presence 5
  • Mahāna has the unique ability to scorch his foes with his blazing presence. Doing so costs him 5 legend point and he focuses upon a foe for 7 ticks. Doing so scorches that foe with his Appearance dots levels of aggravated damage.
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