Egyptian monster:Redigera

  • Dust Devil (demon, outsider native, evil): Sand demon that forms a cloud of sand that deals damage to people inside it.
  • Limos (demon, outsider, evil): Life draining demon with huge damage dealing capacity. Slows foes.
  • Scorpos (Monstrous Humanoid, evil): Anthromorphic scorpion. Large and very strong with high armor, but not very fast.
  • Menenkret (Swarm, vermin, neutral): Flying sentient swarm of flesh eating beatles. Deals massive damage while in same square as its opponent.
  • Mojadh (neutral): ethereal being who dominates others to fight for it)

Norse MonstersRedigera

Epic SpellsRedigera


Used to craft epic spells. One fragment is needed for every 10 dc of the spellcraft roll. Fragments are remains of powerful divine, arcane or natural forces.

Fragments can be used without fully comprehending them. Whenever a fragment is found, determine if it is Divine, Arcane or Natural in nature. The nature of the fragment determines what skill is used to fully comprehend the fragment and to gain insights from it.

Whenever a player wants to craft an epic spell, they need to find the fragments required to do so. During development, the character will learn where they should be able to find the fragments necessary (generating adventures when searching for them).

Comprehension RollRedigera

*depending on the nature of the fragment


Highest DC craftable by the fragment - 10


Whenever someone fully comprehends a fragment, the party gains exp equal to the Highest DC craftable by the fragment x 100..

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