Wave BreakerRedigera

(Water ●●)
Dice Pool: Strength + Fortitude
Cost: 2 Legend per subject
Action: Misc
The Ocean moves things with ease, unless it's a scion possessing this Boon. When activating this Boon, the Scion touches a number of targets who are granted a bonus against being pushed, knocked back, thrown or even pinned (although this doesn't give any benefit against grapple attempts). Any force that tries to move the Scion against its will have it's difficulty increased by the Scion's dots in Epic Strength. This also reduces any thrown distance by a number of dots equal to the Scion's dots in Epic Strength or the Subject's legend, whichever is lower.

Fluid BodyRedigera

(Water ●●●)
Dice Pool: Strength + Fortitude
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower
Action: Misc
By embracing the Scion's inner 'wetness', the Scion can make his body fluid and difficult to harm. When activating this ability, the number of successes on the activation roll becomes a number of bonus points of soak the Scion can use against attacks. After being hit, but before the damage is rolled, the Scion may use up to a number of bonus soak points equal to his Willpower against that blow. Once all the points are spent, the ability must be used again to be refilled. These points dissappear at the end of the scene.

Oceanic PressureRedigera

(Water ●●●●● ●)
Dice Pool: Stamina + Command
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 Willpower
Action: Misc
By focusing all his tremendous strength and stamina, the Scion can cause the ocean pressure to support him both in battle and in other endeavours. When the Scion activates this Boon, he stands still for a moment as the water of the ocean flows up along his arms and enhances his strength to insane amounts. For the rest of the Scene, the Scion gets a number of bonus dice to any strength related rolls equal to his chained Water purview. If the Scion is trying to hold somone down in a pin, increase the difficulty of them getting loose by a total of the the chained water purview of the Scion as well.

While using this boon, the Scion can also increase his lifting capacity. Double his lifting capacity while this boon is active.

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