An ancient Smith Titan Aspect who have been imprisoned for the last 15.000 years. He was recently discovered by Damian, Lilith and Leon who are contemplating to release him.


Ypsion was among the first Titan Aspects to challenge the order of the universe with the Titans ontop. He didn't want his childs to suffer the abuse of the other titans. In a sense, Ypsion might be the first god as he was among the first to take on physical form. He was worshipped by the ancient Indo-Europeans who sought the guidance of both Gods and titans just before the Aesir killed Ymir and brought the end of the ice age, thus starting the Titanomachy


Ypsion has forged several powerful relics during his absense from the world. Among these are a few very powerful items that he gifted to Damian and Lilith in exchange for the hearts of the fire giants that Damian had slain and an Avatar of Lilith.Cateogyr:Non Player Characters

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